Your success stories

EventsAir has powered over 350,000 events across the globe. These are their stories.

Elevating Event Security with EventsAir at the ASEAN-Australia Summit  

EventsAir was entrusted with providing a comprehensive solution to address the multifaceted challenges of attendee management and security protocols.

Next-level gamification for The Delegate Wranglers ‘Nearly Christmas Party’

Learn how The Delegate Wranglers created a truly unique and engaging gamification experience with 50-75% participation rate among attendees.

Web Development, coding, and tech innovation in events with Kuoni Tumlare

Cedric Cholley’s innovative spirit has brought about remarkable technological enhancements to the EventsAir experience, benefiting his colleagues, clients, and conference participants.

ICCA embraces a harmonious, connected solution to deliver Congress

Explore ICCA's strategy for creating a harmonious blend of in-person sessions, plenaries, and engaging breakout formats.

Klay partnership transforms the event check-in process at TCS Summit Europe

TCS enhanced their registration process with the combination of EventsAir and Klay to deliver a truly seamless experience.

Global Events innovates with engaging onsite technology

Learn how Global Events created an efficient, user-friendly and inclusive experience for attendees.

CONVIN delivers award-winning creative excellence at WTC2023

Discover how CONVIN S.A. built their award-winning virtual event portal.

Major Events International

Learn how Major Events International took their flagship event online while maintaining networking and engagement opportunities.

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Learn how NAMIC uses EventsAir to create virtual events allowing members to connect just as they would in person

University of Queensland

Learn how University of Queensland took their 25,000-attendee event virtual in the face of Covid-19 lockdowns

University of Sydney

Learn how University of Sydney did a last-minute switch to EventsAir, turning stressful into spectacularly successful in just six weeks

Girls in Tech

Learn how Girls in Tech took their flagship event virtual in just two weeks in the face of Covid-19

Academy of International Business

Learn how AIB created a valuable virtual conference for its members to overcome travel restrictions and lockdowns

MCI Group

Learn how MCI Group uses EventsAir to create events for its clients that impress and inspire

Institute of Managers and Leaders

Learn how The Institute of Managers and Leaders streamlined their events to create memorable, customized experiences for their members.