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Discover the power of EventsAir, focus on exactly what you need, and become even more of an event management guru.

Online  self-paced training

The Fast Track Learning Platform by EventsAir is available anywhere, anytime. Videos, exercises, and quiz questions to reinforce learning – and mix-and-match advanced topics to cover all your requirements.

This industry-standard course for event professionals is included free for all EventsAir users, and also available to purchase.


Monthly educational webinars on topics that matter

Join our friendly webinar community – thousands of event specialists from around the globe who want to stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks. We cover a new topic every month.

Customized personal training and consultations

New team? Refresher training? Want to focus on a new area or different type of event? Just want to bounce around options with an expert? When you need dedicated personal training, we can help!