Event Lead Capture App

Comprehensive lead capture for exhibitors

Lead capture at events doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. EventsAir includes a robust lead capture technology fully integrated in its award-winning platform. Best of all? There’s no additional cost.

Powering over 350,000+ events worldwide

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Capture and qualify valuable leads

Gone are the days of manual data entry, allowing sponsors to focus on building meaningful connections with event attendees.

Your exhibitors can effortlessly capture and manage leads directly from the EventsAir Attendee App. They can even customize qualification questions, making it easy to prioritize and segment their most valuable leads.

Capture and qualify valuable leads with EventsAir
Provide your exhibitors with next level lead nurturing

Next level lead nurturing

Exhibitors can kickstart the lead nurturing process and boost their ROI by engaging instantly. With EventsAir, exhibitors can send automated thank-you emails immediately after attendees drop by their booths.

Plus, exhibitors have the chance to share extra resources, exclusive offers, and valuable content – the ideal recipe for leaving a memorable mark on attendees.

Dedicated portal for lead management

The EventsAir Exhibitor Portal is all about putting the power of lead management in the hands of exhibitors. With instant access to lead information, follow-ups become seamless and efficient.

Exhibitors can even set up alerts for new leads and export data effortlessly for deeper follow-up, enabling them to focus on nurturing relationships and converting leads into customers.

Discover a dedicated portal for lead management in EventsAir

Instant data capture

Scan attendees' barcodes or QR codes for instant access to their name, company, and contact information.


Custom qualification

Exhibitors can tailor the lead collection process with custom profile questions, ensuring they have all the data they need.


Automated follow-up

Personalized thank you emails can be automatically sent to attendees right after their booth visit, increasing engagement.


Lead enrichment

Include PDFs and marketing materials to enrich follow-up emails, ideal for special offers and promotions.


Lead alert emails

Exhibitors can stay agile by automating lead alert emails to their team, ensuring no lead goes unnoticed.


One seamless app

All sponsors and exhibitors use the same event app as the attendees for seamless lead capture.

“EventsAir offers a complete package, so we can deliver a seamless experience for the entire event life cycle and manage most of it ourselves rather than outsourcing different functions.”

Theocharis Sideras

Business Operations Manager

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Event lead capture made simple

Your sponsors and exhibitors will love how easy it is to capture leads with EventsAir. Our fully integrated solution provides a customizable and enriching experience for every exhibitor.

Missed opportunities and ROI with current lead capture

Current lead capture

Missed opportunities and reduced ROI.

Lead capture can be disorganized, manual, and often results in missed opportunities for meaningful connections. Managing multiple platforms with different logins is time-consuming and ineffective.

  • "Our leads often get lost in the chaos of events"
  • "Manual data entry leaves room for errors and inefficiency"
  • "We struggle to follow up promptly, missing out on conversions"
Qualify leads quickly and have a smooth follow up with EventsAir

With EventsAir

Quality leads and smooth follow-up.

EventsAir amplifies your exhibitor offering by streamlining data capture, automating follow-ups, and offering real-time insights for valuable relationship-building.

  • "Leads are captured seamlessly"
  • "Automated thank-you emails leave a lasting impression"
  • "Real-time analytics and insights empower our exhibitors”