Klay partnership transforms the event check-in process at TCS Summit Europe

Klay partnership transforms the event check-in process at TCS Summit Europe (1)
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    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with some of the world’s largest businesses for the past 50 years. One of their flagship events is TCS Summit Europe – an exclusive, invite-only event that brings together the UK and Europe’s most senior business leaders in an iconic European city. 

    In 2023, more than 300 C-Suite executives gathered for three days in Barcelona, Spain to learn from global influencers in politics, sports and business. Luca De Giuseppe, the Head of Digital, Campaigns, and Tools for Europe and the UK at TCS, highlights the exciting challenge of consistently engaging executive attendees at events.

    “Executive attendees want content that is well-crafted, informative and engaging; delivered in a format that is seamless and without any hassle and inconvenience,” said Luca. “The number one goal of TCS Summit Europe is to ensure each year’s event delivers ongoing value – and that means working with the right technology partners to deliver it.”

    Key results

    • 300+ C-Suite executives attended in-person
    • Achieved faster, smoother and more flexible check-in than ever before
    • More sustainable name badge printing due to decrease in wastage

    Striving for a seamless check-in

    TCS uses the EventsAir technology to deliver TCS Summit Europe, and the partnership has helped to transform the way the event is delivered. 

    “We’re really happy with how our events technology has helped us to optimize the process from pre-event engagement and registration, to on-site management and logistics, right through to follow up and checking in with attendees after the event,” said Luca.

    “However, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the experience for our attendees – even small improvements can make a big difference when you’re engaging with C-Suite level attendees.”

    The registration process was one area the TCS team knew they could improve to deliver an incredible attendee experience. Prior to 2019, the team utilised online registration and then distributed pre-printed badges to attendees on-site, who were checked in manually on iPads. 

    While this was an improvement on the entirely manual and paper-based check-in processes of several years ago, there were still delays during the iPad check-in process. For example, if there was an error in an attendee’s badge, fixing and reprinting the badge would take some time, and cause potential hold-ups for others entering the event. 

    “Check in is a very important touchpoint for our delegates as it’s their first impression of the live event and we want it to be 100% smooth,” said Luca.

    Introducing delegate self check-in

    Pairing Klay Event Technology’s contactless onsite registration with EventsAir was the exact enhancement they needed. The EventsAir platform can be fully integrated with Klay’s self check-in kiosks, which can also print unlimited badges on demand with real-time reporting features. 

    This means that not only can delegates check themselves in from one of the kiosks in their own time, they can also correct any errors in the check-in information and print the correct information as required.

    “We have been working with Klay for several years now. They are our trusted partner when it comes to badge printing for our biggest flagship event in Europe,” shared Luca. 

    “We can rely on their support and dedication to ensure the process of registration and badge printing is smooth and fast. These are the first touch points for our delegates upon arrival and with Klay we are at ease that our guests are welcomed in the best possible way,’’ Luca continued. 

    Klay also provides the TCS team with on-site support to ensure fast resolution in the case of any technical issues. 

    Improved check-in experience and other benefits

    The overall check-in experience has been greatly improved for TCS Summit Europe’s C-Suite attendees, according to Luca.

    “Since EventsAir, our events management platform, was integrated with Klay’s onsite registration kiosks, check-in has become so much faster, smoother and more flexible for our attendees. We’ve had really positive feedback on how seamless it is.”

    However, the benefits have extended further than just the check-in experience for attendees. 

    “From a sustainability perspective, we’ve reduced paper wastage because we don’t need to reprint badges – mistakes are corrected during check-in,” said Luca.

    “Overall, the EventsAir and Klay technology integration has helped to elevate TCS Summit Europe event and turn it into a more digitalized experience for our C-Suite attendees.” 

    Did you see it in action?

    Airtime is EventsAir’s unforgettable annual educational and networking experience for the world’s leading professional conference organizers. This October the conference visited London to deliver two days of product deep-dives, expert panels and keynotes. There were also remote attendee options available.

    Klay was the official registration partner for Airtime 2023 in EMEA, so you may have already seen the seamless integration of EventsAir and Klay’s registration solutions in action.

    About EventsAir

    EventsAir has been bringing people together for more than 30 years. We’re proud of how we’ve helped thousands of event planners connect millions of attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors around the globe using our live, virtual and hybrid technologies.

    We have one simple mission: to help event planners deliver the WOW in their events with the world’s most powerful event management technology. We’ve delivered some of the world’s biggest events, and we’d love to help you too. 

    About Klay Event Technology

    With more than 25 years in the events industry, Klay Event Technology is a market leader in virtual, hybrid and in-person event design, and technical production. We specialize in a range of contactless registration technologies and contactless onsite applications such as lead capture and session tracking.

    Our solutions are ready to be deployed cost effectively and efficiently, worldwide from our strategic locations in the world’s leading event cities.