Elevating Event Security with EventsAir at the ASEAN-Australia Summit  

Elevating Event Security with EventsAir at the ASEAN-Australia Summit  
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    Nine Southeast Asian leaders, alongside thousands of diplomats, academics, and officials, convened in Melbourne for the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in March 2024. This year’s summit marked the largest diplomatic gathering of world leaders in Australia since 2018, with a focus on fostering economic, political, and cultural cooperation.  

    Against this backdrop, the logistical and security demands of the ASEAN-Australia Summit were unprecedented. EventsAir was entrusted with providing a comprehensive solution to address the multifaceted challenges of attendee management and security protocols. 


    The scale and complexity of the ASEAN-Australia Summit posed a formidable task. With a high-profile guest list and stringent security requirements, the ASEAN Task Force faced the significant challenge of implementing robust security protocols while maintaining the efficiency and flow of the event.  

    With such a sheer volume of attendees and airtight security measures, events like the ASEAN-Australia Summit require advanced, meticulous solutions for accreditation and security checks. And with a need for real-time data analytics and reporting, this can add another layer of complexity. 

    The ASEAN Task Force required an innovative solution to provide the highest level of accreditation and access control to streamline security.  


    “It was a privilege to be able to support the ASEAN Task Force and provide our deep major event expertise to ensure that the data processing and venue access control ran smoothly,” said EventsAir CEO Chris Ridd. 

    Since July 2023, more than 10 EventsAir team members worked alongside the ASEAN Task Force to review and process 6,500+ attendees and then issue secure credentials to provide streamlined access to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC).  

    “On-site we provided photo ID security passes to all attendees which had a radio-frequency identification (RFID) mechanism embedded in them, allowing us to be able to rapidly validate attendees as they entered the MCEC and accessed restricted areas,” shared Ridd.  

    “Prior to entering the building, ASEAN attendees walked through RFID gates or were scanned by mobile RFID readers and their bona fides were instantly confirmed. This was all managed through the EventsAir platform.  


    EventsAir’s technology yielded impressive results. Over the course of the five-day summit, more than 38,000 scans were conducted across 10 access points equipped with 20 handheld readers. This enabled organizers to efficiently track attendee movements, ensure compliance with security protocols, and mitigate potential risks in real time.  

    “We were very pleased that everything ran so smoothly and the on-site team, supported by our partner Touchpoint, did a fantastic job. And, from a technical standpoint it was flawless,” said EventsAir CEO Chris Ridd.” 

    EventsAir’s partnership with the ASEAN Task Force exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in event management. By providing innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of the summit, EventsAir not only addressed logistical and security challenges but also elevated the attendee experience. As the events industry continues to evolve, EventsAir remains committed to empowering organizers with the tools and insights needed to deliver exceptional event experiences.