Next-level gamification for The Delegate Wranglers ‘Nearly Christmas Party’

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    The Delegate Wranglers (DW) is the event industry’s most engaged and positive online community. Since 2014, The Delegate Wranglers have created an inspiring, educational space to help event professionals connect.

    Now, with over 22,000+ members, their unique community includes a combination of both buyers and suppliers, who collaborate and drive millions of pounds of business for the industry every single month.

    To further drive networking and partnerships within their community, DW hosts several networking events throughout the year. In November 2023, DW hosted its first-ever Nearly Christmas Party at Middle Eight in Covent Garden.

    Focused on the attendee experience

    As December approaches, many event planners are either attending Christmas parties, organizing Christmas parties, or completely checked out from events altogether. “We wanted everyone to kick back, relax, get together, enjoy themselves, and let us handle the organization,” shared Neil Thompson, Founder and Managing Director of The Delegate Wranglers.

    Bringing together a harmonious balance of event buyers and suppliers to socialize, network, and forge stronger connections – all in a fun, social environment – was the primary goal for Neil and the DW team. The biggest challenge? Ensuring everyone was having a good time.

    To provide an enjoyable, friendly experience from inception to registration and onsite gamification, DW were looking for a technology partner they could rely on to deliver an incredible attendee experience.

    An end-to-end event solution

    “We’ve worked with EventsAir for about five years now and we’re super comfortable delivering larger-scale events with the platform,” said Neil. “The EventsAir team is amazing to work with and we always receive fantastic support along the way. The platform is really easy to use and really intuitive – EventsAir is always driving forward and innovating.”

    User-friendly registration journey

    Addressing the intricate nature of the registration process proved to be a crucial element in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees. Despite the complexity arising from multiple ticket types and subtypes, the emphasis was on making the registration process straightforward, friendly, and non-intrusive. Through a combination of engaging visuals and informative content, DW and EventsAir successfully guided attendees through the intricate registration journey.

    DW also maintained transparency and open communication about the ticketing structure. EventsAir facilitated this by providing tools to convey the nuances of the registration types: event buyers attending for free and event suppliers who were required to pay. The goal was to create a positive understanding among participants, emphasizing the value of each registration type and the exclusivity of the event.

    Extending the registration capabilities, EventsAir allowed DW to vet and approve applicants seamlessly, ensuring a controlled and curated guest list. The process involved potential attendees applying for a place, receiving approval, and subsequently receiving confirmation, with some being prompted to proceed with payment.

    Amplifying engagement with strategic gamification

    Recognizing the importance of fostering connections and creating a buzz well before the event, DW leveraged EventsAir’s capabilities to set the stage for a lively and interactive experience. “We’re great believers in starting the engagement journey early on. With EventsAir, from registration onwards, attendees could jump straight into the app and participate,” mentioned Neil.

    By establishing an exclusive Facebook group dedicated to the event, DW created a hub of pre-event community building, aimed to create a sense of belonging and excitement among participants. Attendees were also able to actively participate in gamified challenges and quizzes early on, letting them accumulate points via the EventsAir Attendee App before the event.

    Leaderboards within the app fueled a sense of competition, tapping into attendees’ competitive instincts and fostering a lively atmosphere. And, with tangible incentives and exciting prizes on offer, an extra layer of collective enthusiasm transcended the virtual realm and permeated the live event.

    Real-time data collection and reporting

    DW harnessed the power of EventsAir’s robust reporting tools to garner invaluable insights throughout and after the Nearly Christmas Party. By seamlessly integrating data collection into the event experience, real-time analytics provided a comprehensive overview of attendee engagement, preferences, and interactions. This data-driven approach empowered DW to make informed decisions during the event.

    The perfect balance for sell-out results

    “It was amazing. The feedback we’ve had from people has been incredible. Our social media platforms were flooded with positive feedback and photos, which really created a huge sense of FOMO for those who missed out,” said Neil.

    With over 120 attendees, the event’s popularity extended beyond its physical capacity, resulting in oversubscription on both the buyer and supplier sides. Thankfully, EventsAir’s efficient management tools seamlessly handled the waitlist, demonstrating the platform’s adaptability to event dynamics.

    Gamification proved to be a major highlight, with an estimated 50-75% participation rate among attendees. The success of this engagement strategy contributed to the vibrant and lively atmosphere, building excitement well before the event.

    “We got the communication just right, the balance, the branding – perfect. We loved it and we can’t wait to do it again,” shared Neil.

    In terms of benefits, EventsAir’s robust platform garnered praise for its reliability, user-friendliness, and secure data handling. “The platform is rock solid, super reliable, and incredibly easy to use,” said Neil. “The EventsAir team is truly amazing. The team’s positive attitude and problem-solving approach make it easy for us to work with. I feel confident they’ve got my back.”

    With their 10-year anniversary on the horizon, Neil is looking forward to hosting a bigger, better, and even more Grinch-y event for 2024.