Revolutionize your event registration

Creating an enjoyable and efficient registration process sets the tone for your entire event experience. Get ready to transform event registration with a unique, personalized, and sophisticated solution.

Powering over 350,000+ events worldwide

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Custom event registration, every time

Custom registration paths, endless possibilities. Whether you're managing VIPs, Members, Early Birds, Exhibitors, or a mix, EventsAir allows you to create custom registration types that cater to everyone's needs.

No limits, just endless possibilities for a customized experience, for every event.

Custom event registration, every time with EventsAir
Perfect the personalized experience with EventsAir

Perfect the personalized experience

Say hello to a registration process that adapts to your attendees, not the other way around. Our powerful conditional logic guarantees an engaging registration experience unique to every single attendee.

With user-friendly logic, attendees will interact only with the fields that matter to them, creating a dynamic and personalized experience.

Brilliant brand integration

Smart brand integration instantly elevates the user experience – putting your brand front and center. Instantly solidify recognition and trust with your attendees by establishing brand continuity.

Explore our collection of pre-designed templates and infuse your brand's personality with fonts, colors, and graphics.

Brilliant brand integration for your events with EventsAir

Drag-and-drop magic

Our drag-and-drop builder empowers you to craft professional registration pages with instant availability and real-time updates.


Powerful logic

With multiple logic options and post-submit actions, you can ensure each attendee enjoys a tailored experience.


Registration reporting

Track registrations with extensive reporting, analytics and insights so you can easily make data-driven decisions.


Secure payment processing

We've got all the tech you need to process and manage payments safely and securely – including our very own payment processor.


Global language support

Create versions of your registration sites in different languages, ensuring your event's message transcends borders.


Multiple sign-in options

Attendees can register with or without an existing account, using pre-filled registration links and even social sign-in.

“We’re really happy with how our events technology has helped us to optimize the process from pre-event engagement and registration, to on-site management and logistics, right through to follow up and checking in with attendees after the event.”

Luca De Giuseppe

Head of Digital, Campaigns, and Tools – TCS

  • 300+ C-Suite Executives
  • Smoothest Check-in
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Event registration ready to impress

First impressions are important. That’s why it’s essential to create a seamless, friction-free registration experience. Truly delight every attendee with personalized and professional registration. 

Is your current registration process frustrating

Current event registration

Frustrated and abandoned.

The registration process can be a daunting and error-prone maze, leaving both planners and attendees bewildered. And, worst of all, can result in lost registrations.

  • "Registration is a headache, and attendees frequently drop off"
  • "We struggle to track and manage registrant data effectively"
  • "There seems to be a lot of data discrepancies"
With EventsAir your registration will be seamless and efficient

With EventsAir

Seamless and efficient.

EventsAir transforms the registration experience, ensuring attendees stay engaged and delighted throughout the process resulting in happy attendees, from the very start.

  • "Attendees enjoy a user-friendly registration journey"
  • “We effortlessly track and manage registrant data in real-time"
  • "Showcasing our brand throughout the experience is perfect'