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Ready to make registration even easier? Discover an unrivaled payment experience and say goodbye to the hassles of third-party payment processors with a seamlessly integrated and secure solution – EventsAir Pay.

What is EventsAir Pay?

Taking registrations and accepting payments should be easy, simple, and secure. That is why we have built EventsAir Pay – our seamlessly integrated solution for all of your payment needs.

No more third-party payment hiccups – we're here with top-notch support, diverse payment options, ironclad security, and hassle-free global remittance.

What is EventsAir Pay – Offical payment processor for EventsAir

Enhance the attendee experience

Elevate your event experience with seamless payment integration, making registration a breeze for every single attendee.


Superior support and monitoring

EventsAir Pay offers exceptional support and real-time issue resolution, allowing you to focus on maximizing registrations.


Diverse payment options

Give your attendees more ways to pay with a variety of payment methods, from credit cards to digital wallets such as Apple Pay.


Create a beautiful registration experience

Immerse your attendees in a world of effortless registration with EventsAir Pay. Ensure a seamless and user-friendly registration process, reducing the risk of drop-offs due to cumbersome payment processes.

This means that every single payment can be directly settled within EventsAir.

Powerful, sophisticated and secure integration

Seamlessly embedded within your registration page

Directly action reimbursements in EventsAir

Create a beautiful registration experience with EventsAir Pay
Discover more payment options to boost conversion with EventsAir Pay


More payment options to boost conversion

Instantly boost your registration conversion rate as you cater to a much wider audience with extended payment options. Beyond credit/debit cards, EventsAir Pay supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and WeChat Pay.

Maximize revenue streams

Adapt to regional payment trends

Increase convenience and flexibility

Unparalleled support and security with EventsAir Pay

Unparalleled support and security

The beauty of using EventsAir’s own payment solution lies in the transparency, visibility, and top-tier security. With PCI Level 1 compliance, we ensure secure online credit card processing for all your events.

This allows us to provide unprecedented support as we proactively monitor and swiftly address any disruptions, saving you valuable time chasing third parties.

Your peace of mind is our priority.

Global remittance is made easy with EventsAir Pay

Global remittance made easy

Bid farewell to the complications of managing separate bank accounts in multiple countries, and juggling cash between them.

EventsAir Pay supports transactions in most countries, ensuring your money flows through a single, convenient platform. Stop worrying about currency complexities as we handle foreign exchange on all global remittances.


"We have nothing but praise for EventsAir."

They were partners in the truest sense of the word. Everything that we asked them to do they were able to do. They went above and beyond the call of duty.

Andy Rice

Chief Operating Officer at MEI

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  • 1,100+ Virtual Attendees
  • Reached 70+ Countries
  • Multi Stream with 39 Sessions

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