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    In an age where data has become the most valuable resource in the world, how we secure it, manage it and distribute it effectively in our daily work lives affects all of us. As event organisers, we manage an array of different types of data from names, addresses, phone numbers and emails, to dietary, accommodation, flights, passport and banking information to name a few. How this data is utilised and managed is up to you. Enter the event management solution to the rescue. So, what are some of the things you need to look for to manage your major events effectively? I am glad you asked, here are my top five:

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    1. Security – the ability to keep track of your delegates via a strong accreditation and registration process which is intuitive and allows for easy and quick access from mobile and desktop. Other security functionalities you should look for are: GDPR tools, Security compliance plus redundancy and backup procedures.

    2. Scalability – The ability to increase performance automatically during high volumes of registrations, check-ins or API callouts means you reduce digital bottlenecks and improve client engagement.

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    3. Single Source of Truth – Using multiple systems that don’t talk to each other, leaves you as an event organiser at risk of data breeches, errors and loss productivity. Your event management platform needs to the ability to work across multiple processes accessing a central database of information.

    4. Productivity – Managing productivity is one of the key challenges in running a successful major event. So, having access to a range of smart tools that assist can improve productivity immensely. Online run sheets, Project plans, Reports and Dashboards are just some of the ways you can increase productivity. The ability to clone events, tasks, brands so you don’t have to start from scratch every time adds another element.

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    5. Mobility – Having access to your event in the palm of your hand where you can engage your audience through an attendee event app gives you control over how the event is tracking, audience engagement, access control plus many more enhancement features.

    Hopefully this gives you a little bit of insight to what a good event management platform can offer you to help manage you next major event.

    For more insights to how an event management platform like EventsAir can be customised to the specific requirements of your upcoming event, chat to one of our EventsAir consultants or check out our videos.

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