It’s event check-in done right

Event planners know that providing a smooth and seamless check-in experience is one of their most important jobs. We can arm you with all of the check-in tools you need to provide the best check-in experience possible.

Powering over 350,000+ events worldwide

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Your check-in experience, your choice

Provide various check-in options to cater to the needs of your attendees. Utilize self check-in kiosks, staffed check-in, mobile check-in and even automated beacon check-in.

With a wide range of check-in options you will instantly reduce wait times and create a more streamlined and personalized check-in process for every attendee.

Your check-in experience, your choice with EventsAir
Quick and custom name badge printing with EventsAir

Quick and custom badge printing

Print out name badges onsite in seconds – no need to print and ship badges in advance.

Pre-create and organize as many different name badge layouts and designs as your heart desires. Choose from an extensive list of templates or design your own custom layouts to WOW your attendees some creative flair.

Comprehensive event check-in

At EventsAir, we stand out as one of the few event management solutions offering a complete range of check-in technologies.

With us, you get all the tools you need to create a highly personalized, efficient, and delightful experience, all included in your package at no additional cost.

Comprehensive event check-in with EventsAir
Exhibition Stands

Self check-in kiosks

Dramatically reduce wait times and long lines as attendees scan their unique QR code and print their name badge.


Staffed check-in

Easily collect payments, reprint badges, make name changes and process new on-site registrations.


Automated beacon check-in 

Attendees can check-in remotely through the event app, so their name badges are ready for them when they arrive.


Real time check-in statistics

Provide your registration team with access to track, analyze, and monitor check-in numbers in real time.


Print custom badges in advance or on-site

Our extensive name badge functionality lets you design and print a range of customized badge designs, in advance or on-site.


Tap into our partners

The EventsAir Partner Program offers a greater depth of services in specialized areas, such as onsite registration and check-in.

“The overall check-in experience was seamless and issue-free, with no lengthy queues, even though around 90% of the 1500 attendees arrived at the same time. All the hard work and preparation was worth it.”

Theocharis Sideras

Business Operations Manager

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  • 1,500+ Attendees
  • Rated 4.94/5
  • In-person Event

A positive check-in experience 

Our event check-in tools are included with our events management software at no additional cost.

Deliver an exceptional attendee experience with state-of-the-art check-in services at your next event – without blowing your budget.

Is your current check-in experience manual, slow and inefficient

Current check-in

Manual, slow, and inefficient

Long lines, frustrated attendees, and slow check-in is not ideal for anyone.

It doesn’t make sense to have an event check-in solution that’s separate from the rest of your technology.

  • “Our attendee data seems to be out-of-sync"
  • “Costs and charges keep fluctuating”
  • “We can’t seem to make any last-minute changes”
With EventsAir your check-in will be streamlined, effective, and flexible

With EventsAir

Streamlined, effective, and flexible.

We’ve got everything covered for a smooth check-in experience, in one package.

Remain confident that your event check-in solution is working in conjunction with your entire event eco-system.

  • “Our check-in queues almost disappeared!”
  • “We loved the flexibility and customization”
  • “Instant name badge printing was a game changer”