Day 1 at IMEX: making remote attendance easy

Chris Ridd
Chris Ridd
Day 1 at IMEX
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    Good morning, Las Vegas and welcome to Day #2 of IMEX 2022. Reflecting on Day 1, it was certainly a blast to see IMEX in full swing and clear to me that people were just really excited to be back to in-person events. The floor was buzzing from the very start of the day and traffic throughout the event-tech section of the exhibition remained steady and engaging.

    At the EventsAir stand it was great to reconnect with several of our clients, many of whom expressed gratitude for my teams’ efforts in helping them get through COVID with the rapid development of the OnAir platform to support virtual attendees. A common theme is how event formats have changed permanently and whilst in-person is back and certainly preferred, many of our customers have reengineered their businesses to deliver events in a hybrid format. We think that will continue.

    For newcomers visiting our stand and experiencing EventsAir for the first time, it was clear that most event planners are demanding a single solution that can cover both in person and remote attendees. Furthermore, many are still unsure about the best way to run a hybrid event. Throughout the day we had interviews happening at our stand whereby we used PTZ cameras that were remotely controlled from our Brisbane office back in Australia, showcasing how event production for remote attendees could be completely managed by EventsAir. Special thanks to members of our production staff back home who worked overnight shifts to bring this all to life. We’ll be running it all again today so make sure you swing by to check it out.

    The other recurring discussion item with event planners visiting our stand was the different approach we take in pricing our platform. We offer a simplified pricing model which allows customers to run unlimited events and attendees without being penalized. Our philosophy on this is that our customers should not have to pay more for running successful events where costs can spiral as attendees and other features are added to the mix. This was something that Julius Solaris, event industry expert, observed from us at IMEX Frankfurt back in May 2022 and later highlighted in a blog he wrote about EventsAir where he noted the following…

    It was evident to me that the game EventsAir played was different. It was about putting the planner first with a pricing model that helps save thousands of dollars compared to the major players. It was about making hybrid easy with a remotely managed PTZ camera system that slashes AV quotes by 80%.

    So, if you haven’t already, please come by our stand today and we’d be happy to take you through how we can make your next event a breeze with hybrid solution that is easy to setup and one that won’t break your budget.

    -Chris Ridd

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