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    Institute of Managers and Leaders is a professional membership organization that provides industry-leading solutions to shape professionals into the best managers and leaders they can be. “We’re all about creating better managers and leaders for a better society,” shared Paris Franke, Membership Coordinator.

    Events are a core component of the membership service, with the Institute of Managers and Leaders hosting professional development events across Australia each year, such as their flagship International Women’s Day event. According to Paris, planning and executing the event  – which attracts over 3,000 attendees nationwide – used to be an exceedingly manual undertaking, requiring multiple spreadsheets for the different events and tasks. “There was a lot of manual work; spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets,” Franke said.

    However, when information is spread across multiple spreadsheets that multiple different team members are using, the risk of inaccuracies and errors increases. “Shared documents frightened me, because so much can go wrong,” Franke said.

    Adopting EventsAir as their event management system has reduced this unnecessary stress, and Franke and her team can now be confident that the information they are working with is accurate, up-to-date, and “hasn’t been tainted by accidentally not saving the document”.

    “Now that we have EventsAir, it’s all in a system, it’s all reliable, and we know that the information is true.”

    In addition, the flexibility of EventsAir for running events of different types and sizes has been invaluable for the events team. “With having so many events around Australia we can really customize it to what we need for that event,” Franke said.

    A customized, streamlined member experience 

    Institute members can now view, register, and pay for events using EventsAir’s user-friendly online event registration portal, which automatically stores attendee information in one central, secure database. As the database is integrated with EventsAir’s event marketing and communications tools, this streamlines and automates attendee comms, allowing the team to easily send:

    • Notifications about upcoming events
    • Invoices for payment
    • Registration confirmation emails

    Around-the-clock support

    EventsAir’s 24-hour, personalized, customer support has been a stand-out for Franke. “Anytime I have an issue or problem I give them a call and usually within 10 minutes they’ve figured it out,” she said.

    “I think anyone who is doing events the old way it’s time to update yourselves, get with the times because you’re not only going to save time it’s going to be a much better experience for everyone”.

    About EventsAir

    EventsAir has been bringing people together for more than 30 years. We’re proud of how we’ve helped thousands of event planners connect millions of attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors around the globe using our live, virtual and hybrid technologies.

    We have one simple mission: to help event planners deliver the WOW in their events with the world’s most powerful event management technology. We’ve delivered some of the world’s biggest events, and we’d love to help you too.

    About Institute of Managers and Leaders

    For over 80 years, the Institute of Managers and Leaders has provided industry-leading solutions to shape professionals into the best managers and leaders they can be.

    Since 1941, they’ve supported frontline leaders, middle management and senior executives as they adapt to the rapidly changing business world and new ways of leading, and are now the national authority on professional management and leadership.