Is Your Event Management Technology Keeping Up?

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    business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop cEvery event management tool ever published can offer online registration. Been there, done that.

    But today’s cutting-edge cloud technologies and innovative app designers are pushing event management platforms in new directions and functionality that were just a dream even a few years ago.

    So, when you are looking at registration and event management technology, there are some cutting-edge features that you definitely should look for. If the platform that you currently use, or that you are looking at simply can’t keep up, you should keep on looking!

    Some of the state-of-the-art functionality that today’s platforms should offer include:

    Technology Designed as an App

    Today’s app driven products deliver performance and security that older, browser-based programs simply cannot deliver. Security is paramount for today’s meeting organizers, and you definitely want to make sure that credit card and personal data is kept in the most secure platform that can be licensed.

    There are other benefits as well to app driven technology. Updates can happen on an individualized basis and be pushed out far faster than browser-based solutions can ever hope to achieve.

    Responsive Design

    Registration forms and apps should always re-size AND restructure as required for smart phones, tablets and full size computer screens. Our audiences today are more comfortable with mobile technology and fully expect to be able to register and communicate on all devices.

    Rapid Form Design

    Can you design and build a complete online registration with confirmation emails in a few minutes? Today’s newest platforms certainly can!

    From drag and drop technology to flexible image and html formatting, if you can’t build and publish a site in under an hour, then you are definitely spending too much time building sites! This includes style management, cloning of previously designed forms and more (see how you can do this with EventsAir).

    Multiple Forms for Multiple Scenarios

    Older platforms often restrict you to one registration form. This is fine if you can manage all of your registration scenarios with form logic and the limitations that the platform sets out for you.

    However, newer app-driven platforms should always allow you to create multiple online forms – using one form for all scenarios can be cumbersome and requires compromises you may not be willing to make.

    Online Form Logic

    If you wish to use one form for multiple scenarios, online form logic is required. Display logic, redirect logic, and validation logic are all pretty standard on today’s cutting-edge solutions. It is important to recognize, however, that form logic can only take you so far, and when you couple form logic with multiple forms, it’s amazing how many scenarios and registration processes you can create.

    Instant Style Sheet Changes

    If you have to rebuild or take hours to re-apply a new style, then you should be looking elsewhere.

    Today’s new solutions let you define styles in advance and apply them as situations require, in just seconds. Typically based on Bootstrap CSS technology, you should be able to import style sheets, apply different styles in seconds, and be able to have as many different form and website styles that your clients require.

    Advanced Form Actions

    Logic is one thing. Form actions is a completely different animal.

    Does your online registration tool let you define additional actions once the form is complete? Add a package, send additional communications, even allow third-party approval processes to take place? How about connecting with external systems based on selections made during online registration?

    Advanced form actions will allow you to expand your online registration processes in significant ways.

    For example, you could conditionally register students, pending an approval from a member of your management team. You could accept student registrations, send them a conditional response, and at the same time send a communication to the approving manager. A link is provided, allowing the manager to view the student details and to accept or decline the registration.

    It’s a powerful way to streamline internal processes, expand typical registration workflows and you end up with a more comprehensive registration experience for all concerned.

    Custom Payment Options

    Does your registration platform let you define multiple payment scenarios in the same registration page? Sure, you can process a credit card payment through a gateway, but how about purchase orders? How about internal corporate payment transfers? Even a simple “pay later by check” that is accompanied by a special code can be a challenge for lesser systems!

    There are many options for event management technology that you can use in your management tasks. And there are lots of things to consider, such as pricing, features, design and architecture, among many other considerations.

    But, at the end of the day, there is technology out there that is quite dated in design, and there is technology that is cutting-edge and finding new and better ways to serve meeting organizers.

    And don’t you deserve the best that you can get?

    EventsAir has been at the forefront of Event Technology and Innovation for over 30 years, continually pushing the boundaries of what an event management platform can do. Built by event planners for event planners, EventsAir is a secure, scalable, cloud-based solution that can manage everything from in-person, virtual to hybrid conferences, meetings and events in a single online platform – anywhere, anytime and on any device. In use in over 50 countries by multi-national corporations, professional conference organizers, government departments and tertiary education institutions, EventsAir is also used in global congresses such as G20, APEC, CHOGM and ASEAN, as well as sporting events like The Olympic Games, World Rugby, Commonwealth Games and Pan Am Games. EventsAir is trusted by event professionals around the globe. For further information, visit

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