5 ways our 6th Generation events management platform will take your events to the next level

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    There are no shortcuts to success – or so the old saying goes. But when it comes to organizing, running and reporting on successful events, we’re confident that our brand-new 6th generation events management platform will help make the entire process quicker, easier and way more enjoyable by giving you everything you could possibly need in one powerful, easy-to-use package. Trying to pick our favorite features would be like trying to pick a favorite child, so instead we’ve outlined five key ways our platform will help make your life easier – so you can spend less time stressing and more time dreaming up events that are sure to impress…

    1. It’ll provide you with a single source of truth

    Picture the scene: you’re midway through a high-profile event and, while trying to access the guest list, you realize you have two documents with completely different info – and you’re not sure which is the most current. We’ve all been through something similar (cue major internal panic while trying to project an external sense of calm), but with our 6th generation platform, these types of headaches will – thankfully – be a thing of the past. With EventsAir’s new platform, all data is stored in the cloud, and if anything is updated these changes are instantly seen across all event management tools (regardless of the device you’re using), which means you can be sure there’s only ONE version of every file – the latest version.

    2. It’ll transform you into a multitasking maestro

    Trying to collect final registration details, organize speakers and book accommodation for attendees while also liaising with sponsors and dealing with last-minute catering changes? No problem! Our 6th generation platform makes it easy to keep track of multiple tasks at once, almost like an additional pair of virtual hands. Tasks are set and communicated via live dashboards, alerts and reports keeping everyone in the loop. We aim to make the complex simple, so you can keep multiple balls in the air with ease like the skilled juggler we know you are.

    3. It’ll help you feel like you have more time

    Ah, time, that elusive element. The most-heard phrase in the event-planning industry is “I wish I could stop time”, and while we can’t help you do that (we’re working on it), we can help you work at your most efficient – enabling you to complete each task and then move onto the next one faster than ever before. Our time-saving features include customizable website templates for creating beautiful and functional sites with ease; our drag-and-drop form designer so you can build all your event forms with zero coding; our event cloning feature, which allows you to copy data from a previous event so you don’t need to start from scratch; and plenty more handy features that’ll help you beat the clock.

    4. You’ll feel totally secure when it comes to security

    A data breach is every event manager’s worst nightmare (can you even imagine), which is why security has always been at the heart of the EventsAir brand. Our 6th generation platform has been built using a security-first architecture model, and every component is 100% PCI compliant. There are a range of tools built into the platform that assist with managing your GDPR compliance, and underlying this is our platform host, Microsoft Azure, who provide defense-grade security with a range of industry-leading safety features – meaning you can be totally confident that your data will remain yours and yours alone.

    5. It’ll help elevate the attendee experience

    How can our 6th generation platform ensure you get five-star feedback from your next event? Attendee information can be gathered, stored and displayed in a way that allows you to build a profile for each and every person, and as they progress through the registration, their profile builds, allowing a detailed and personalized itinerary to be created. Once they’re on-site, attendee experience can continue to be enhanced using social posting, event gamification, live Q&A sessions, networking, the creation of connections through QR code scanning, and more. We provide fun and engaging ways to interact with your audience and leave a lasting impression – so they’ll be thinking about your event long after the last person leaves the auditorium.

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    EventsAir has been at the forefront of Event Technology and Innovation for over 30 years, continually pushing the boundaries of what an event management platform can do. Built by event planners for event planners, EventsAir is a secure, scalable, cloud-based solution that can manage everything from in-person, virtual to hybrid conferences, meetings and events in a single online platform – anywhere, anytime and on any device. In use in over 50 countries by multi-national corporations, professional conference organizers, government departments and tertiary education institutions, EventsAir is also used in global congresses such as G20, APEC, CHOGM and ASEAN, as well as sporting events like The Olympic Games, World Rugby, Commonwealth Games and Pan Am Games. EventsAir is trusted by event professionals around the globe. For further information, visit www.eventsair.com

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