Smart Connectors for integrations

Discover an exceptional integration experience to simplify your event management and transform your tech stack. Smart Connectors allow every single EventsAir customer to integrate their favorite tools with their favorite event management platform.

Greater efficiency, effortless harmony

Imagine effortlessly syncing data between your favorite event management tools. The result? A cohesive and unforgettable user experience for everyone.

Our Smart Connectors build a foundation of reliable, configurable, pre-packaged integrations, that we manage, monitor, support, and enhance on your behalf.

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Reliable, secure integrations

Smart Connectors are built on a well-established, high-quality integration layer. We utilize technology that has successfully delivered thousands of reliable integrations worldwide.


Elevate the attendee experience

Provide your attendees with a consistent and comprehensive experience across all integrated platforms. Elevate and optimize every interaction they have with your events.


Optimize your event ecosystem

Disparate systems will only slow you down. Our Smart Connectors will save you hundreds of hours of work as we turn common customer use cases into adaptable integrations.

Easy, reliable, & secure

Smart Connectors are your no-code solution for easy, reliable, and secure integrations. Available for every customer, Smart Connectors will save you hundreds of hours of work.  

Work smarter. Connect everything.

An ever-expanding library of Connectors

  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Memberships
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Effortless management

EventsAir manages setup and maintenance as we continually improve, upgrade, monitor, and support your Smart Connectors for you.

Comprehensive and consistent

Create a comprehensive and consistent journey across integrated platforms. By automating your data sync, Smart Connectors empower your team to focus on what really matters – planning and executing outstanding events, instead of manual data entry.


Our CRM Smart Connectors will ensure you can track, identify, and report on the event status of your contacts.

For example, your Smart Connector may seamlessly synchronize and update your CRM contacts with registration information, event details, attendance status, and more.

2-EventsAir Smart Connectors - Event Integrations for CRM and Marketing
2-EventsAir Smart Connectors - Event Integrations for Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Our newest Smart Connectors offer a harmonious blend of event data and insights, empowering you to make more informed financial decisions for your events.

Discover seamless synchronization of contact and billing details between your events and your accounting system. Imagine never missing a payment again!



Say goodbye to the days of information silos and hours spent manually cross-checking data. Enable external membership platforms to stay informed about members' activity within EventsAir.

Whether it's event registrations or engagement metrics, our newest Smart Connectors keep your external membership platform up-to-date.

EventsAir Smart Connectors - Event Integrations for Membership

Questions you've been asking


Q: “How are Smart Connectors created?” 

A: Smart Connectors are designed to utilize the shared functionality and use cases that many of our customers face, such as synchronizing contacts from your CRM, to create adaptable integrations that can be easily enhanced and maintained.


Q: “What Smart Connectors are available now?”

A: Right now, we have the following integrations available via Smart Connectors: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Xero, and Membes. We are working on expanding these offerings over time.


Q: “We are looking for a different integration not listed”

A: No problem. We are continually building out new Smart Connectors and are eager to explore your integration needs. Please reach out to your Account Manager or contact .

Bespoke integrations with our OpenAPI

Our API allows anyone to build meaningful integrations with EventsAir – opening incredible opportunities for your event management ecosystem!

Become an early adopter of the EventsAir API and help us shape the future of event technology.

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