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    EventsAir’s virtual and hybrid meeting solution is so intuitive it’s almost like it can run the entire event itself. Which makes it perfect for adding your unique creative event planner touches and wowing your audience.


    A good friend of mine who teaches creativity in business told me something a while back that has resonated with me ever since. The old saying Think Outside The Box actually makes it harder to be creative. 

    And why? Because when nothing is off limits you have too many choices and no actual direction.

    To be truly creative, and what creative people do, is to Think Inside The Box where there are defined parameters that have to be adhered to.

    In the world of events, parameters could be where and when the event is to be held, having a specific number of attendees, and having three plenary sessions and five concurrent sessions each day over a three day timeframe.

    It is then up to the creative meeting and event planner to weave their magic within the specific parameters to create something truly outstanding.


    The new EventsAir Hybrid Event Solution Suite has everything a meeting planner or PCO needs to deliver a successful event for in-person and virtual delegates. And, with a little “thinking inside the box” they can elevate the entire experience to the next level.

    As EventsAir CEO Trevor Gardiner explains, the EventsAir Hybrid suite has been refined from previous versions after discussions with users over the past 12 months, and now provides everything that is needed to run a seamless and engaging virtual or hybrid meeting.


    Strategies for greater engagement have been added and are as simple as the new 3D mode where the online platform is more of a 3D representation of the conference and event space for virtual attendees, more gamification options to allow in-person and virtual attendees to connect, and more creative options for exhibitors and sponsors to interact with delegates.

     As Trevor says, with all the tools now there to run a seamless meeting, event planners have the headspace to get more creative. And, they certainly are…

    “We did an event for a client in Tokyo recently – a hybrid event with live and virtual presenters – and what they did with all of their virtual presenters was they had these telepresence avatar robots which had a tablet monitor device at the top for a head, and all the virtual speakers presented in this way in the panel discussions.

     “The speakers were controlling the avatar robots remotely and at the end of their presentation they could mingle with the audience, with audience members actually talking to them.”

    “It was a really cool way of creating a lot of engagement between the virtual presenters and the in-person attendees.

    “I think we’re going to see some really creative things like this going forward.”

    Having written and worked in the meetings and events industry for over 20 years now, I certainly agree. 

    Meeting and event planners are among the most creative people on the planet. With EventsAir Hybrid suite, they have the means to deliver a seamless and engaging hybrid event. 

    And with a little creativity on their part they can elevate their event to the next level.


    Talk to EventsAir today about your goals for your next hybrid event delivery.

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