Tracking Attendance and Beyond: When is it All Too Much?

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    It used to be that we just automated the registration process with self-check in kiosks. From the moment an attendee presents their QR code to check into a conference, to when we hand them their name badge with an embedded chip, we know where they are, how long they are in a workshop and where they are going to.

    Today, employing embedded chips such as RFID and NFC (Near Field Communication), employing Bluetooth technology in new ways and taking advantage of location aware smart phones and tablets, today’s events are more connected, tracked and monitored than ever before.

    Alec Sonenthal, Director of Strategic Development for Centium Software, recently presented a session on Big Data at EIBTM in Barcelona. Topics covered included:

    • New trends in attendance tracking, including ibeacons and geo-fencing
    • Understand how new technology such as NFC and Bluetooth have enabled new ways to track and monitor your attendee’s presence and engagement
    • Looking at the future of wearable technology and how it can impact attendee engagement
    • A brief discussion of the ethics and challenges of these new technologies

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