Guest Post: Tech Innovations That Make Event Planning A Breeze

Hope Simona
Hope Simona
Event tech innovations
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    This is the most important technology that has been invented in these modern times. This software takes the headaches out of event planning as it can help you plan details before the event. Creating a great website to promote the event and making all the necessary pre-registration forms can be done on this platform. All of these features will help you communicate with your market, promote your event, and build anticipation. Preparation is a breeze with event management software like EventsAir.

    On top of that, an event management software can help you manage the activities you’ve planned during the day or days of the actual event proper. It will help you organize the arrival of your guests, help you execute programs, collect real-time surveys during sessions, and even offer support to your guest speakers.

    Of course, as a professional event planner, you know the work doesn’t stop just because the main event is over. There are a lot of responsibilities post-event such as collating survey results, following-up your attendees, giving an analysis report, and so much more. All of these can be easily done through this management tool as it takes advantage of technology to make your planning life a lot easier.

    Providing AI for Events

    Of course, technological advancement will never be complete without a discussion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because it is the key to the future. Many say that AI is the best forthcoming trend in the event industry as it can deliver a very personalized experience event to large events with over thirty thousand attendees.

    Some do say that AI is even here. Now, automated customer services powered by a simple AI tree are now helping event organizers and attendees. Chatbots are able to give quick answers to queries, which frees up your staff to do their work more effectively. Some even create their own service plug-in for their events to answer common inquiries, which really makes a lot of attendees happy as it improves attendee experience.

    On top of that, AI is now able to give more personal recommendations. For instance, AI can now interpret data from social media accounts of event-goers, so they can recommend which conference symposium to attend, who to meet, what products to see, and more. Using an event management program will help you get this done.

    Using RFID For Sponsorship of Events

    You are probably using RFID to replace your event tickets and physical payments. This makes handling that aspect easier to track and dispense. It also makes you more organized and accurate if your attendees don RFID bands. In the following years, you can use the same RFID technology to upgrade and level up your sponsorship experiences.

    You will be able to provide faster sponsorship activation during the check-in process, which in turn increases engagement. You will be able to gather data on behalf of your sponsors without interrupting your clients.

    Furthermore, this gives your sponsors more opportunities to play around with their events. They can become more creative with their raffles and polls which is operated by virtual participation or RFID taps.

    Securing the Right Event Apps

    Never underestimate the power of event apps because when integrated with your event, they will offer you tremendous value. Event-goers at a very large function even expect them. In addition to that, sponsors also expect them to be there because of the data they can acquire and provide.

    To illustrate, business events and conferences utilise these apps so that their clients can track their favourite speakers and session topics. This can also be used as a great networking opportunity. For those that have a festival or consumer product event, they can use this app to create their product lineup where people can bookmark locations.

    Valuing the Perks of Live Streaming

    Live Streaming your event can actually help boost your brand as it has the capacity to expand your audience reach when people view your video. You can even encourage your guests and staff to share your live stream feed to their contacts who are unable to attend. Who knows, with your livestream you can actually even encourage more attendees to come.

    Inviting people to watch Facebook Live and tweeting these links to followers offer a lot of information and support for your event ensuring its success. Some even go the extra mile to make event hashtags that encourage sharing. You will increase brand awareness with the live stream function as live streaming is now seen as a form of crowdsourcing, which industry experts call “crowd streaming”.


    As you can see, there are many forms of technology that can help make your event a huge success. In fact, there are many more technological trends out there which you can tap to help you out. By using this, you will not only save time, money, and effort, but you will become more
    efficient and effective. All of these will serve you well to improve your productivity and profitability.

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