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Chris Ridd
Chris Ridd
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    We are delighted to announce that EventsAir has joined the Tech Council of Australia as one of nearly 20 new members to become involved in helping shape the future of the technology industry in Australia. We are certainly amongst some notable new members with the likes of Telstra, Salesforce and Workday also joining.

    For those who are not aware, the Tech Council of Australia, led by Kate Pounder commenced in mid 2021 in the height of the COVID pandemic and exists to help further the cause of the technology industry in Australia with a goal to see the sector that contribute $250 billion a year to GDP by 2030. In a short space of time, they have become the preeminent body representing the IT industry in this country and with close connections into government they are helping to shape policy initiatives in areas such as cyber security, privacy, skilled migration, R&D tax incentives, and federal budget allocations to the sector.

    For EventsAir it is an opportunity to be at the table to discuss and contribute to critical topics that impact our industry and share ideas with like-minded technology companies that share our passion for growing the sector. There are plenty of networking opportunities that enables us to discuss common goals and challenges and ensure that we are well informed about issues that impact our business and ultimately how we can better support our customers.

    As I have found since coming into the role of CEO at EventsAir, our company has tended to come under the radar in the tech industry in Australia, despite our strong profile in the event technology space and successful offshore expansion into US and EMEA markets. We are also gaining recognition for how our platform supports some of the more complex and high profile events worldwide including Birmingham games, Rugby World Cup and ASEAN.

    I am also pleased to see our technology helping bring together members of the Tech Council as we are now the event technology platform of choice for the Tech Council of Australia. We will continue to showcase our technology across their series of events throughout the year and to be on show with the who’s who of the technology industry in Australia.

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