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Kelly Harvey
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    This week we kicked off AirWaves, our new monthly customer webinar series.  AirWaves is designed to provide you with the opportunity to stay up to date with our latest company news and technology developments.  

    Each month our CEO, Chris Ridd, will host and provide updates on strategy, new initiatives, topics of interest, our product and technology. EventsAir customers can join AirWaves, streaming in three sessions across APAC, EMEA and North America. Keep an eye on your inbox for your invitation to register next month.  

    Read on for the key highlights and takeaways from our very first AirWaves.  

    Company and strategic update – Chris Ridd

    Company update

    As many will know, last year Riverside Partners made a significant investment into EventsAir, and part of that investment is building out our strong leadership team. With the appointment of Mehdi Khalili as CTO, we’ve now completed all placements for our Senior Leadership Team and feel great about the experience and talent we have in place to take our business forward.  

    We’d also like to provide a refresh on our company mission and vision. The centrepiece of both is our powerful event management platform, while delivering the wow – a delightful experience for our customers and your attendees.  


    We strive to help event planners deliver the WOW in their events with the world’s most powerful event management platform, backed with quality 24/7 support and services.  


    To be the technology leader and trusted partner of event planners all over the world.  

    Strategic priorities

    We’d also like to share EventsAir’s strategic priorities: 

    • Enhance the platform we’ve built with a focus on quality and experience 
    • Investment in new technology and infrastructure 
    • Build a world class leadership team 
    • Invest in live event services, training and support 
    • Continue expansion and investment in our global regions 

    News and Events update

    We’ve announced our partnership with Meetings and Events Australia on their 2023 Mentor Program. We know there’s a skill shortage in our industry, so we’re excited to be investing in the sector workforce’s future leaders.  

    The mentor program is back in 2023 to once again connect event professionals across the country in its tried and proven capacity for fostering skill and expertise sharing, and enhancing career progression prospects. 

    Event Tech Live – Las Vegas

    We are looking forward to exhibiting at ETL! Our very own Alec Sonenthal will be presenting on the topic of: The new hybrid event paradigm.  If you’d like to attend, it’s free to register.
    Taking place on 26/27 April, please make sure you drop by the stand if you’re attending. We’d love to connect with you!  

    What’s new in Product and Tech? – Mehdi Khalili

    We are really excited to have Mehdi join the team. Currently he is in week five in the role of Chief Technology Officer at EventsAir. To find out some background about Mehdi, check out this blog post.  

    Mehdi is committed to building a world-class product, knowing this is what will have the greatest positive impact on customers and their experience within the platform.   

    He is here to build a world class technology company. You might be wondering what are the key characteristics of a world class product? We see that as three key pillars we need to have in place: 
    1. Quality and reliability – the product does what is expected of it and does it reliably 

    2. User Experience – the product is intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use 

    3. Innovation and agility – the ability to respond to market changes and customer requirements at a very rapid pace 

    These are the three key things we will be focusing on from a technology perspective as we strive to set the industry benchmark of product quality.  

    Product roadmap

    We are working on our product roadmap and are looking forward to sharing this with our customers in the coming months. In the meantime, we are focusing on the following three areas: 

    1. Azure infrastructure  
    1. Public API  
    1. Custom development   

    Service release pack (Version 15 SP2) – Andrew O’Reilly

    This is the first of many releases, as we are moving towards more regular releases so you can immediately realise value from our development efforts.  

    Every piece of feedback our customers submit is logged, tracked and followed through the release process.  

    We have now started sending out a release email that links to our EventsAir online knowledge base and outlines everything included in the release.  

    Latest tips and resources – Renee Elliot

    We’ve heard some great feedback from customers and have made some improvements to Fast Track, our learning platform, including new video speed controls, you can choose to watch at 1.5x or 2x the speed. You can now also progress straight to stage 2 advanced topics, without needing to complete stage 1. The top three most popular topics include:  

    1. Accommodation management 
    1. Agenda management 
    1. Attendee financials 

    Coming soon – short-form “how-to” videos, stay tuned as we launch our extensive library, making it easier than ever for you and your team to quickly find answers.  

    Finally, we’d like to remind our customers about our Community Forum. We’ve had some good uptake with customers submitting ideas, questions and starting discussions. It’s a great way to leverage our collective knowledge within the event industry. You can access the Community Forum via EventsAir Assist (your customer support portal).   

    What next?

    We’re looking forward to continuing this level of transparency with our customers each month. Look out for the April invitation to come along to AirWaves.