April AirWaves Customer Webinar Takeaways

Hope Simona
Hope Simona
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    Thanks to everyone who joined our April AirWaves! Our AirWaves Webinar takes place each month, streaming in three sessions across APAC, EMEA and North America. Take a look at the key highlights from the webinar.      

    Company update – Chris Ridd

    This month we will welcome our new Head of Product, James Flynn. Officially joining the team at the end of April, James brings over 10 years of experience in software and product management. We look forward to welcoming James and his expertise to the team.  

    News and Events – Tech council of Australia

    We were thrilled to once again highlight joining the Tech Council of Australia.  It is an honor to be a part of such a great community and have a seat at the table to influence government policy on issues impacting the tech sector.

    Event Tech Live – Las Vegas

    Only 2 weeks to go before our team arrive at ETL! We can’t wait to take to the floor exhibiting at Stand A19. Be sure to come and say hello if you are attending. 

    If you’d like to attend, you can register for free. 

    Save the date – EventsAir Conference 2023

    The EventsAir conference is transforming to meet our attendees needs! This year we are launching a new event format, based on attendee feedback which will include three conference streams: 

    • Product including feature updates, education, and roadmap feedback sessions. 
    • Business featuring strategic updates, industry trends and executive roundtables.
    • Developer featuring an API guide, security sessions and technical development updates. 

    Keep an eye out for our official Save the Date coming soon! 

    Product and Technology Update – Mehdi Khalili

    Public API Initiative

    We are going to use GraphQL as the backbone of our API. This will provide an outstanding flexibility in how developers can use our API. We are also excited to partner up with Kuoni Tulmare, BW Events and Kenes Group to co-design the data model and work with them as the early adopters of the API to provide feedback on the API as we develop it. We will continue to expand this group moving forward.  

    We are aiming to release a minimum loveable API in the third quarter. This release will allow our customers to use the GraphQL platform to tackle an initial set of common integration use cases, including queries and updates to the underlying data in the platform. 

    Latest tips and resources – Renee Elliott

    FAQ Library

    We have launched our new FAQ library, a collection of video and text based frequently asked questions, designed to help our customers find answers quickly. You can access the FAQ Library on our support site at support.eventsair.com

    Online help site

    We have updated a range of our updated Education Resources including whitepapers and how-to documents.  

    Live Event Services – Jade Bennett

    Following a live event service campaign released back in February, we heard the response loud and clear. We understand the pressure that our users face to deliver high-quality events and often without the luxury of time. This is why our Account Managers are on the ground to help plug the skill-gap. 

    Our team are ready to jump in to assist with the build and management of any of our modules and features. You can get in touch with our team at or view our range of Live Event Services. 

    Hybrid event customer showcase – Chris Ridd

    Military Communications & Information systems (MilCIS)

    Joining Chris Ridd in an interview, MilCIS Conference Chair Mike Ryan shared his insights on the hybrid event model. Using hybrid technology from EventsAir for the annual MilCIS Conference and Expo, Mike and his team encountered the Covid-19 push into virtual events and the more prevalent swing back to in-person. 

    After witnessing these shifts first-hand, Mike shared his experience in the positive impact hybrid events can deliver including:  

    • Increasing the reach by reducing travel expenses allowing attendees to join the conference remotely. 
    • Delivering more value for attendees by allowing onsite attendees to time shift by watching the virtual conference stream from different locations onsite. 
    • Providing the virtual content to be watched on-demand during and post event. 
    EventsAir CEO, Chris Ridd interviews MilCIS Conference Chair, Mike Ryan.

    What’s next?

    We will continue to provide our company updates along with new engaging content each month at AirWaves. Keep an eye out for your invitation to AirWaves in May.