Meaningful event data, analytics & insights

Every event planner needs great data to deliver even greater events. EventsAir provides expansive reporting, event analytics, and robust filtering capabilities, ensuring you have a single source of truth for accessing and harnessing the most meaningful event data.

Powering over 350,000+ events worldwide

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Effortless event reporting, for almost anything

Dive into a treasure trove of more than 150 purpose-built reports designed with event management in mind. With this vast resource, you can efficiently track everything from registrations and sponsorships to accommodations and financials, all in a matter of minutes.

We're aware that every event is unique, so our reporting system is flexible. You can filter, personalize, edit, and create custom report templates that suit any event you host.

Effortless event reporting, for almost anything with EventsAir
Track the event metrics that matter with EventsAir

Track the metrics that matter

Monitor and analyze all relevant event metrics with a dashboard designed specifically for you.

Tailor your dashboard to perfection by choosing from a wide range of widgets, ensuring you stay on top of the essential event data you're looking for. The best part? Easily track progress against targets and maintain a single source of truth.

Synchronized data sharing in real-time

Stay ahead of the curve by capturing invaluable event insights in real-time. Whether you need to relay attendee numbers to your vendor or accommodate last-minute dietary preferences, we've got your back.

Ensure you have the most precise, up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips throughout your event. And, securely share reports and sync real-time data with clients, sponsors, and vendors.

Discover synchronized data sharing in real-time with EventsAir

Extensive reporting library

Gain access to our extensive library of 150+ pre-made reports. From registrations and functions to travel arrangements and finances, we've got you covered.


Build once, use always

Create custom reports that work for all your events. No need to repeat the same tasks – let your templates handle the heavy lifting.


Tailor-made reporting

Tailor reports to your liking by adding, removing, or merging data fields. Style your reports with different fonts, colors, logos, images, or watermarks.


Data exports made simple

Effortlessly export your data into various formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, or other popular file types. We make sharing your insights a breeze.


Custom data combinations

Export the precise data combinations you need for in-depth analysis and reuse them whenever you require.


Secure and compliant

Rest easy with our full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other security regulations. You'll enjoy secure, trackable access to all your reports.

“EventsAir is an all-in-one platform, which eliminates the need for data transfer between different programs, which takes time and can result in errors. We used EventsAir to collect, analyze, and leverage data to provide valuable insights and customized quick reports.”

Alkis Polyrakis

Technical Director

  • Hybrid Event
  • 2,000+ Attendees
  • Reached 65+ Countries

Data-driven event excellence

Dive deep into your event data to uncover hidden trends and opportunities, ensuring every event is better than the last.

Our reports provide the knowledge you need to make data-backed decisions that drive your events to new heights.

Is your current event analytics a disarray of data

Current event analytics

Data disarray.

Many event organizers struggle with collecting, managing, and making sense of data for their events. The process can be chaotic, time-consuming, and error-prone.

  • "Report creation is a time-consuming manual task"
  • "Our data is scattered across various platforms"
  • "We often encounter data inaccuracies"
With EventsAir you will discover valuable insights and reporting capabilities

With EventsAir

Valuable insights.

EventsAir centralizes all your event data and reporting, streamlining the process for you. This allows you to focus on making data-driven decisions and delivering valuable insights to enhance your events.

  • "All event data is consolidated in one place"
  • "Reports are generated effortlessly and accurately"
  • "Data-driven decision-making is now a breeze"