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Conditions for early adopters

Initial calibration stage

  1. Our API will undergo changes and calibrations, we will continue to refine our offering and communicate these changes with you.
  2. Please expect some updates to the API endpoint may impact your integration i.e. changes to the available datapoints or change to field names.
  3. Some changes will limit your thresholds of access i.e. how many queries you may run and how complex those queries are.
  4. Please let our support team know if the thresholds of access are not right for you.
  5. Reliability of the service may vary during this early adopters period.


Support will be aligned to our early access principles, separate to our normal SLAs

  1. We are still calibrating our support offering for the API.
  2. We are always seeking to provide the best support to you.
  3. Depending on severity, we are committed to responding between 24 hours and 7 days for API errors.
  4. We will be reviewing these SLAs over the coming period.

Right to remove access

  1. We reserve the right to remove access to the API for projects we deem inappropriate or not suitable.
  2. Some examples, but not limited to, are as following:
    • Don’t create services that intentionally cause significant or undue load to our API service.
    • Don’t misuse custom fields as duplicates for existing fields.
  3. Don’t repackage our API as a proxy service to 3rd parties.
  4. If in doubt about the appropriateness of what you’re building please contact us through Customer Support.


No liability for data corruption from connected applications

  1. Connected applications may result in data corruption inside of EventsAir
  2. EventsAir accepts no liability for data corruption that occurs from connected applications.
  3. If you doubt of the impact of your application, please reach out to support.


  • EventsAir reserves the right to charge a service fee for remedy of corrupted data .
  • We strongly recommend you establish a test event for all API discovery.

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