No more Lost In Translation with EventsAir Hybrid Platform

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    The breakthrough, industry-redefining technology from EventsAir allows event managers to create and deliver sensational Hybrid events across all formats on a seamless, fully integrated platform.

    And that also includes translation services.

    With the AIRCast Studio tool event planners can remotely control and flawlessly incorporate multiple audio, visual, onsite, and online inputs to deliver synchronized, high quality experiences for both Virtual and In-Person audiences at the fraction of the cost of outsources services.

    It allows for closed captioning and live sign language and translation, ensuring greater audience engagement of all participants.

    The AIRCast Interpretation Studio ensures event sessions and presentations can be simultaneously translated in any language, closed captioned and even shared with live sign language.

    Multiple interpreters can access the platform at one time from anywhere in the world and provide audio or sign language translations that audiences receive with no lag and in real time.

    Greater accessibility and inclusion

    As EventsAir CEO Trevor Gardiner explains, the EventsAir Hybrid Event Solution Suite provides peace of mind for event organisers.

    “If there were sudden lockdowns anywhere in the world that precluded some delegates from attending in-person our hybrid platform allows them to still participate remotely,” he explains.

    “The live language interpretation toolkit ensures greater accessibility and inclusion of all attendees.

    “We’re also very excited about having the capability to include sign language. We can have someone doing sign language live in sessions and if a delegate wants this functionality they simply click a button and another window pops up and the sign language interpreter is there.

    “These are exciting new additions to EventsAir and what they give our clients is a very broad toolkit that helps them run a really cost-effective event.”

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