How to create engaging pre-event interactive quizzes

Caitlin Ryan
Caitlin Ryan
How to create engaging pre-event interactive quizzes with EventsAir
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    Interactive quizzes are a fantastic way to engage attendees – particularly before the event. As most event professionals know, it can be a real challenge to keep the audience engaged during the pre-event stage. There’s usually a time gap between when the attendee registers and the time of the event. If you do nothing, you’re missing an opportunity to build up excitement and positive word-of-mouth with your target audience.  

    There is a collection of incredible benefits of using interactive content and quizzes to segment and engage attendees (or potential attendees) before an event. 

    In this article, we’ll focus on some of the practical strategies to make an engaging quiz. Let’s dive into it now.

    How do I make an engaging interactive quiz?

    It doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge and skills to build an interactive piece of content or quiz. These days, there are online tools that can help you create something beautiful, without a lot of technical know-how.  We’ve included some tools for you within EventsAir.

    That being said, there are a few areas to pay particular attention to if you want to keep your audience engaged: imagery and multimedia; title question; quiz questions; and lead capture page. 

    Imagery and multimedia

    Most interactive content has a strong visual element and interactive quizzes are no exception. While you might think of a quiz as being primarily about the words, many of your audience members are more likely to engage with the content because of how it looks, rather than what it says. 

    Some of our favorite tips for imagery and multimedia when building an interactive quiz include:

    • Use images, videos and other multimedia elements to make the quiz more engaging and interactive for your audience. 
    • If you’re using an online tool (or the tools we’ve included in EventsAir) to build an interactive quiz, make sure you take advantage of any built-in customization tools to make the content look like your own.
    • For the quiz start page, always choose an image that reflects the topic the outcome quiz takers want to achieve.

    Title question

    When it comes to crafting the right title question to engage your audience, we have one simple rule: keep it personal. Why? Because most people want to know more about themselves. This can also work in the context of engaging your audience, prior to the event.

    A title question that promises to help someone learn more about themselves is effective. It also helps if the title is related (even loosely) to the subject of your event. Some examples are: 

    • What type of designer are you (for a home decor trade show)
    • What type of parent are you (for a pregnancy and birth exhibition)
    • What type of event planner are you (for a networking event for event professionals)
    • Which Game of Thrones Character are you (for a sci-fi convention)

    These quiz titles are focused on the quiz taker and promise to reveal more about them after they complete the quiz. It’s a strategy we’ve seen work so many times to engage a pre-event audience.

    Quiz questions

    Quiz takers may leave halfway if the questions aren’t relevant. To manage this, you need to segment your audience. How do you do this in the context of an interactive quiz? Always start with a very high-level question (e.g. “What’s your biggest challenge related to x”) and use the segments as answer options. There are a few other things to keep in mind as well.

    • Use less than 10 questions so you keep people engaged
    • Start with an easy yet exciting question to build momentum and end with an easy question
    • Avoid being too serious in your questions and let your brand shine through

    These tips will make your questions more natural and enjoyable for your quiz takers.

    Lead capture page

    Your lead capture page is where you’re going to capture key information about your quiz takers. It usually appears right before quiz takers see their results. With the right call to action, more of your target audience is likely to give you their contact information. The most important thing to do at this point is to tell them how they’ll benefit from giving you their information.

    Let’s say you have designed a quiz to help your audience find out the answer to the question “Which type of event planner are you?”. Your lead capture page could state “Enter your contact details to get your results delivered to your inbox. We’ll also send you tailored information that will help you find out more about how to be a great event planner.”

    That’s the unique power of quizzes: you get a wealth of information about your audience members, can follow up with relevant messages, and have a fun and engaging experience in the lead-up to your event.


    This article has laid out some practical strategies to create interactive quizzes for event attendees. They are a fantastic tool to engage your audience prior to the event. They can also help you segment your audience and build engagement based on information they’ve shown they have an interest in. 

    Finally, always keep in mind the key elements of effective quizzes, being:

    • Relevant imagery
    • A quiz title that promises to reveal their personality
    • Engaging questions
    • A lead capture page with a clear promise.

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