Harnessing the power of your event data 

Harnessing the power of data with EventsAir
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    The following article has been guest-written by Touchpoint as part of our AirTime blog series.

    In today’s technology-driven world, events have become more than just gatherings of people; they are treasure troves of data. Every interaction, whether in-person or digital, holds the potential to shape not only an attendee’s current experience but their wider perception of your event and their future engagement as a customer.  

    Touchpoint assists their clients with capturing qualitative and insightful data throughout their events from the very start of the registration process.

    Begin with the End in Mind  

    Well-designed and thought-out registration forms are the base for smart data capture. Creating a good registration form requires balance; you need to keep your information concise whilst gathering all that you need. 

    Alongside basic contact details, it is important to take the time and consider what supporting information you may need to effectively: 

    • Send tailored communications for both event and marketing related purposes. 
    • Extract categorised reports for internal and external stakeholders. 
    • Customise and colour code your name badge designs.  
    • Control access to areas within your event 

    With your field requirements defined, it’s beneficial to differentiate your attendee types and ‘map out’ their journey. To visualise the various pathways a delegate may take, helps you to strategically place logic or highlight the need for multiple forms with slight variances.  

    Utilising marketing tags, custom and user defined fields to capture custom data during registration allows for intricate levels of filtering to power up to your reporting, communications and planning in the lead up to and beyond your event.  

    Tracking the Delegate Journey 

    As your event starts, a range of real time data capturing opportunities become available. Utilising both event session scanners and registration data you can profile event attendees to get some informative data that can help with post event marketing and future events.  

    It is worthwhile forward thinking and planning for different scenarios such as: 

    • Session tracking to analyse popularity and develop a heat map of activity.
    • Capturing attendance for professional development points/ requirements
    • Managing pre-registered or ticketed sessions and functions
    • Maintain secure areas, sessions or function based on pre-determined registration types or custom categories.

    With experience across hundreds of events worldwide, Touchpoint have finely tuned real time data capture solutions and form design that integrates smoothly with premium hardware for onsite deployment. 

    Threading together the full picture 

    When the event is over not only will you have data on who attended, their behaviour and event journey, but you can take your post event analysis to the next level with some great insights like:  

    • Time and date stamps within excel reports for heat mapping  
    • Include registration or custom categories in attendance reports to develop pivot tables and statistics 
    • Attendance lists and statistics for presenters or sponsors 
    • Being able to automate emails and alerts based on checked-in status 
    • Report on repeated movements, with re-entry time stamps 

    Touchpoint provides operational support and technical expertise, regardless of whether your event is in person, remote or hybrid so you can focus on delivering a truly engaging event. Touchpoint offers comprehensive services using the EventsAir platform including onsite check-in and badge printing, virtual and hybrid solutions, and registration management expertise.  

    You can find out more about Touchpoint here:  https://touchpointms.com.au/

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