Enhancing Audio and Visual Content to Transform Your Event

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    Apart from thorough planning, a necessary component to a successful event is vision and foresight. While the real-time control of operations during your event are very important, much of your event’s anticipated heavy lifting can be eased through extensive planning prior to your event. While beneficial, event planning is not just about ensuring that your delegates are signed up and checked-in quickly, or about ensuring your venue is an appropriate fit for your attendees – on top of possessing good project management systems and protocols, consider enhancing your audio visual systems and optimising your audio visual budget to have a more attractive, well-rounded and versatile event.

    Good lighting makes good photos; good storyboards make good stories; good audio and visual content make good publicity and enhanced experiences. Visual content tends to catch everyone’s attention first, and while people audio content is sometimes overlooked, you can bet that it will be an issue when the quality of sound is dismal. Audio visual productions for events of any scale are often the unsung heroes. When it goes right, no one really pays it any compliments; but when it goes bad, it’ll be the talk of the town. About every moment in the world today can become immortalised through the internet, so the only way to make your “moment” truly stand out, is to be bigger and better. The higher the quality of your event’s audio and visual delivery, the more likely it is to be catch more eyes and be shared. Hence, it is crucial to use a suitable audio visual company to support and enhance your event.

    While some event venues provide in-house audio visual support, they are not always the most efficient or robust..  Researching among independent audio visual companies can give you the flexibility to choose a supplier that better complements your event, while giving you the most based on your budget constraints.

    When choosing an audio visual company, make sure you have a clear vision of what you want. Shopping around without a clear idea of what you want can become problematic later down the planning process – you wouldn’t want to have a paid a deposit, or even the full fee, to a supplier when they ultimately do not have the resources or the ability to execute what you envisioned. Prior to setting up meetings with audio visual companies, look through each company’s portfolio to see if they have any executed audio visual productions for events that are similar to what you are planning. Apart from budget and scale constraints, check to see if any of their past work matches your vision in terms of style, tone and feel, such that they may able to creatively bring your ideas to life.

    Before you settle on an audio visual company simply based on price and service provision, aim to find out what sort of audio visual support is available from a specific supplier – this process albeit takes some time, but it could significantly decrease your planning time for future events. Building a relationship with your audio visual supplier can eliminate the bulk of the stress associated with the whole audio visual planning process in subsequent events. Furthermore, reliable long-term relationships can be beneficial to easing the burden of your audio visual planning. Your audio visual partnership with a company should be more than just a sound and lights equipment rental agreement, but a valuable consultant that understands the kind of events you plan, and adapting it for every subsequent event. Consistency and efficiency will thus be proved through your events as familiarity and rapport grows between you and your audio visual supplier.

    A well-liked event is a shareable event – creating opportunities for your event attendees to share your event through on their personal networks creates free publicity for your event. Engagement is key in maintaining customer relationships today, so on top of producing quality content and giving your event attendees a wholesome experience, you also want them to assist in extending your audience. Smartphones are unavoidable today – so utilise this piece of technology by offering an event app that enhances audience engagement through things like live-audience polling, Q&As, surveys and more. With so much effort poured into planning your audio visual content, having more people interacting and experiencing it will be valuable.

    Planning your audio visual vision may take some time, but working alongside a professional and creative audio visual company can alleviate some of that stress, and can pay off in the long run for your brand.

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