Per Event Upgrade

EventsAIR Professional Per Event Upgrade


Your EventsAIR Essentials Package includes the fundamental components that you need to run your meetings and events. By opting for a per-event upgrade to EventsAIR Professional, you are able to add these additional features and functions:

  • Mobile Organizers App
  • Accounting
  • Travel
  • Surveys
  • Contact Store
  • Run Sheet
  • Online Form Logic
  • Event Website Builder App
  • App Store
  • Custom Report Designer
  • Live Audience Polling

Detailed information about the features and functions found in EventsAIR Professional can be viewed in your EventsAIR Help System. Click here to view EventsAIR Help.

To order your per-event upgrade to EventsAIR Professional, please click on the link displayed in the pop-up message in EventsAIR.