Per Event Upgrade

EventsAIR Professional + Premium Per Event Upgrade


Your EventsAIR Essentials Package includes the fundamental components that you need to run your meetings and events. By opting for a per-event upgrade to EventsAIR Professional + Premium, you are able to add these additional features and functions:

Professional Features

  • Mobile Organizers App
  • Accounting
  • Travel
  • Surveys
  • Contact Store
  • Run Sheet
  • Online Form Logic
  • Event Website Builder App
  • App Store
  • Custom Report Designer
  • Live Audience Polling

Premium Features

  • Presenter Management
  • Abstract/Reviewer Management
  • Exhibition Management
  • Sponsorship Management
  • 1-to-1 Meeting Matching

Detailed information about the features and functions found in EventsAIR can be viewed in your EventsAIR Help System. Click here to view EventsAIR help.

To order your per-event upgrade to EventsAIR Professional + Premium, please click on the link displayed in the pop-up message in EventsAIR.