EventsAIR Client Innovation Awards


The EventsAIR Client Innovation Awards is a recognition program for our clients producing innovative and creative products within the EventsAIR platform. EventsAIR has become home to a wide range of beautifully-designed and innovative solutions for event registration, mobile apps, and specialized portals for onsite check in and many other specialized solutions. On an ongoing basis, we see powerful and professionally designed marketing campaigns and creative solutions for all aspects of running a detailed meeting or event.

We also recognize our Rising Star Institutions who are educating our future meeting professionals with EventsAIR, with many of these programs creating live events for their students to support and manage in the EventsAIR platform.

There are five categories available:

  • Best Attendee App - this award recognizes achievement in designing a mobile attendee app within EventsAIR. Clients who create custom content and innovative solutions for their attendees are encouraged to submit their mobile app solutions.

  • Best Use of Onsite Technology - many of our clients are utilizing our onsite portals for check-in management as well as audience live polling, exhibitor lead retrieval, meeting matching and much more. This award recognizes clients who assemble a complete onsite technology solution for their events.

  • Best Marketing Communication Campaign - innovative and beautifully designed marketing communications are easily handled in EventsAIR, including both email and social media formats. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in our clients' email and social media marketing campaigns.

  • EventsAIR Innovator of the Year - there are meeting organizers who manage meetings, and there are meeting organizers that rise to a higher level organizing myriad moving parts and creating events that engage attendees and utilize technology in unique and visionary ways. This award recognizes the meeting organizer who demonstrates vision and originality in assembling the many options in EventsAIR for a truly engaging and successful event or meeting.

  • Rising Star Institution of the Year - This award recognizes a Rising Star Institution that goes beyond the basic teaching of the Rising Star curriculum and creates new learning opportunities with hands-on, student led events. The institution must use EventsAIR as their event technology and provide students with a real-world experience leveraging technology to run an event or meeting.

Each category has specific entry requirements and all entries will be judged by a panel of meeting experts in the academic and business communities. There are no fees required to submit an entry.

The 2017 EventsAIR Client Innovation Awards applications can be submitted from May 15, 2017 through July 31, 2017. Winners will be announced at the 2017 EventsAIR User Conference scheduled for Brisbane, Australia on August 20-21, 2017.

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