Accessibility Statement

EventsAir is committed to providing our customers with a leading event technology platform that can be accessed by the widest possible audience regardless of location or ability.

Since 2019, EventsAir has made continued efforts to improve the accessibility of our product. During that time, we have contracted a dedicated accessibility engineer to support efforts in identifying and improving accessibility features in our product. This effort culminated in the delivery of more than a dozen accessibility features which were made available in our V12 release in March 2022.

An accessibility product roadmap has been undertaken in consultation with the Centre of Accessibility Australia and further refined via numerous internal and external audits to continue to identify areas of improvement. We strive to adhere to the WCAG 2.1 AA standard (and Section 508 for our US customers) and we are committed to making tangible improvements towards these throughout 2023 and beyond. We also work in partnership with our customers, providing detailed accessibility guides in the development and design of interactive registration pages to ensure that high standards of accessibility are adhered to.

More details about the specific features and background to our accessibility initiative can be found here. If you should experience any difficulty in accessing aspects of our event technology or require more information, please contact us via Email:  or (+61) 1300 236 848.