During Event

Create an impressive event experience

EventsAir makes it easy to WOW attendees with features to simplify check-in, deliver great content, drive engagement, and more.

Simplify check-in for everyone

Make the check-in experience a breeze for attendees by offering QR codes, kiosks, mobile apps and more, and then seamlessly print name badges so they can they be on their way.


Offer multiple methods

Allow attendees to check themselves in via QR code, mobile app, kiosks, printed invitations and more. EventsAir can connect to event kiosks or can be run with a simple PC and printer setup.


Print name badges

EventsAir supports a range of paper sizes and stocks the for printing and name badges that can display different icons for dietary requirements, access levels and more.


Control access

Restrict entry to authorized attendees for your whole event or just particular sessions. Inbuilt access control functionality plus connections to background checking systems and access control gates for advanced use cases.

Give attendees a great experience

Ensure your attendees have a great experience, whether they're joining your event in person or remotely.

Create a beautiful video streaming site for remote attendees

Give remote attendees a subscription-video-like interface where they can select which sessions they want to join for instant video, interaction via live discussion, polls, Q&A and more.

2D Mode

Wow virtual attendees with 3D mode

Give your virtual attendees an amazing experience with 3D mode. Attendees are shown a customizable, virtual conference center where they can visit the exhibition hall, attend sessions in virtual rooms, conduct video meetings with other attendees and exhibitors, and more.

Event app

Deploy a branded event app

Your branded attendee app gives in-person attendees instant access to the agenda, speaker information, exhibitor details and more to ensure they’re always informed, delighted, and engaged.

Effortlessly deliver great content

On attendees' screens wherever they are in the world, inside the branded event app, or on the big screen at the event, EventsAir’s broadcast features make it easy to stream live content.

Studio Full
Green Room

Green Room

Have presenters enter the green room for lighting and microphone checks before going live to attendees.



Select different layouts to simulatenously display the live speaker, presentations, prerecorded videos and more.


Simultaneous translation

Increase accessibility and international reach with features for simultaneous translation, captioning, and/or sign language interpretation.


Control cameras remotely

EventsAir can integrate with Pan Tilt Zoom cameras to allow them to be controlled remotely, ensuring you get the shots you need.


RTMP stream

EventsAir can plug into onsite AV production teams via RTMP, giving your event total flexibility in how you deliver content remotely.


Virtual live host

Just like the Master of Ceremonies at live events, your virtual live host will keep attendees engaged and informed, play videos or run interviews between sessions for a high-quality production.


"EventsAir provided excellent project management support and held our hand throughout the process. They were brilliant!"

Claire Wilson

Events and Marketing Coordinator

Encourage attendee engagement

Help attendees experience your event beyond just sitting and watching speakers. Create polls and surveys for them to participate in, reward them for visiting exhibitors and more.

Reward attendees for involvement

Give attendees points for performing actions like visiting booths or meeting with exhibitors, and allow them to redeem points for merchandise, food passes, tickets and more.


Conduct real-time surveys and polls

Speakers and event organizers can launch polls and surveys during the event and see responses in real time.


Help attendees network and connect

Through the branded event app, attendees can send each other messages, organize meetings, and more.

Deliver ROI for sponsors and exhibitors

Ensure sponsors and exhibitors get a return on their investment by giving them prominent branding opportunities and tools to generate quality leads.

Deliver ROI

Add branding

Include sponsor or exhibitor branding on email communications, the event website, your attendee app and more.

Exhibition Stands

Create virtual exhibition stands

Create a virtual exhibitor hall for your virtual attendees where exhibitors can display videos, chat with prospects, offer product brochures, conduct real-time video meetings and more.


Book meetings

When enabled, exhibitors can see attendee details and submit lists of desired meetings, or attendees see exhibitor details and book meetings directly

Generate Leads

Generate leads

Allow exhibitors to scan attendee badges and instantly gather contact information so a full list of sales leads can be downloaded later from the exhibitor portal.

Share Content

Share content

Allow sponsors and exhibitors access to video recordings of sessions, attendee lists and more so they can use it to generate further sales.


Run reports

Generate reports on attendance, engagement, and more, to help prove event ROI to sponsors and exhibitors.

Ensure everything runs smoothly

EventsAir’s dedicated organizer app puts everything you need to manage your event in the palm of your hand, ensuring that even when you’re on the event floor you have access to what you need.

Run Sheets

Create run sheets

Automatically create and edit run sheets so you everyone knows exactly what needs to happen and when, and who's responsible.


Assign and manage tasks

Something come up mid-event? Assign a task to a team member and they'll be immediately notified.


Send internal communications

Set auto alerts and send urgent communications to event staff, exhibitors & sponsors, speakers, and/or attendees to keep everyone up to date.