EventsAIR Workflows to Maximize your Event Management Efficiency

EventsAIR Workflows to Maximize Your Event Efficiency!


EventsAIR is an award-winning meeting management platform designed from the ground up to drive superior workflows and
processes that will save you significant time and effort in your event tasks and activities.

Workflows for Agenda Management


The AGENDA represents the heart of your event. How do you approach agenda and program design?

EventsAIR’s interactive drag and drop agenda and program builder provides you with an intuitive workflow that
simplifies the design and deployment of your program.

Your agenda can be published and updated to your event website, Attendee App and your onsite Organizer App and it stays connected and up-to-date at all times.


Workflows for Event Marketing


Promoting and MARKETING to your prospective event participants takes time and planning. How do you identify and communicate with your targeted attendees, exhibitors and sponsors as well as your presenters and speakers?

EventsAIR’s powerful marketing and communication tools let you send out attractive HTML invitations with links that auto populate registration forms. You can market to participants in popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and across multiple events and programs.


Workflows for Creating Registration Forms and Event Info Websites


First impressions count. What impression do your event WEBSITES and REGISTRATION FORMS make?

EventsAIR’s powerful website and registration form workflow is smart and efficient. You are able to produce robust registration forms for every conceivable registration requirement, including group registration, in a few short minutes. Event websites leverage data directly from EventsAIR.


Workflows for Attendee Communications


How do you stay in touch with your attendees?

Efficient and accurate COMMUNICATIONS before, during and after your event is crucial to successful event management. You need to reach the right attendees with the right message at the right time, and you need the tools to communicate in multiple channels.


Workflows for Managing Exhibitors and Sponsors


Managing EXHIBITORS and SPONSORS requires attention to detail across multiple categories. How do you provide value to your exhibitors and sponsors and keep everything organized and on track?

From exhibit hall layouts and stand sales to sponsor packages and all the day-to-day management, there’s a lot to do. EventsAIR has
built-in technology to support these critical processes, making you
more efficient and responsive to your important relationships.


Workflows for Speakers and Abstracts


Managing a SPEAKER PROGRAM with abstract submission is a long-term and complicated task. Is your current technology keeping up with the challenge?

No matter the size of your program, there are hundreds of tasks ranging from abstract submission and review to session and agenda management. Let’s not forget the biographies, papers and more you need to get from your presenters!


Workflows for Financials and Accounting


It can be challenging running a profitable event. How do you keep track of income, expenses and everything in between?

EventsAIR’s integrated ACCOUNTING and FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT helps you stay on top of your event finances from start to finish. From custom income and expense categories to powerful invoice options and supplier management, EventsAIR provides you with the tools and
technology you need to successfully keep track of your bottom line.


Workflows for Accommodation Management


Managing HOUSING and ACCOMMODATION is one of the most time-consuming tasks you will face. What tools are you using to keep
everything organized?

EventsAIR provides a sophisticated suite of tools and portals designed to make this important task easier to manage.

From city-wide housing programs and large groups to individual room reservations, EventsAIR simplifies the process from request through changes and room release management.


Workflows for Reporting and Data Management


Collecting registration details and organizing your event is just part of the job. Getting DATA and REPORTS out of your event system is critical to your success. How easy is it for you to extract the data that you need?

Data comes out of an event management platform in many ways. Reports, exports, name badges, itineraries and more are all part of running an event. EventsAIR provides a comprehensive selection of reporting and data management tools to get you the information you need, when you need it.


Workflows for Hospitality and VIP Management


Every event has VIPS and SPECIAL DELEGATIONS. How are you managing your hospitality programs?

EventsAIR provides numerous tools and processes to make sure your VIPs and hospitality groups are managed and supported in the best way possible. From table assignments and VIP alerts you are able to take care of your groups, VIPs and other delegations with confidence.


Workflows for Deploying Attendee Apps


MOBILE ATTENDEE APPS for your attendees are expected. How much are you paying for mobile attendee apps?

EventsAIR not only provides a native Attendee App as part of the EventsAIR platform, but you never pay extra for the service! EventsAIR’s native Attendee App provides a robust solution with all the typical services.



Workflows for Onsite Management and Check-In


When your event is live, you want to make sure check-in proceeds smoothly and professionally. How are you handling ONSITE CHECK-IN?

With EventsAIR, you are provided with a suite of tools and services designed to make onsite check-in easy to accomplish. The included EventsAIR App Store provides a suite of onsite services at no additional charge, saving you thousands of dollars by avoiding the need to bring in third party vendors.


Workflows for Organizing Your Onsite Team


Your ONSITE MANAGEMENT TEAM deals with lots of moving pieces. How do you keep your team organized and in touch?

EventsAIR offers powerful team management technology both before and during your event. Robust tools allow you to organize your team members, assign projects and tasks, and stay connected for the hundreds of tasks your team faces every day during your event.