Streamline Onsite Experience At Your Event

Self Check-In Kiosks

The Self Check-In Kiosk lets you organize as many self-service stations at your event as required. Each kiosk can scan QR codes or bar codes, allow attendees to type in their details, capture photos and generate an automatic name badge print. The kiosk can direct attendees with payment due to another location for assistance and can also let you display personal messages for specific attendees.

Keep your onsite team connected and informed at all times with access to real time reports, attendee data, agendas, and real time run sheets. Perform session and function check-in, manage communications and keep your entire team organized at every step of your event.

Reduce waiting time and lines for event check-in

Receive instant updates of check-in statistics

Redirect check-in of attendees with payment due

Easy to scale for busy registration periods

Text message alerts for VIPs and other special check-ins

The Self Check-In Kiosk is a must-have tool to streamline your check-in processes, no matter the size of your event.

Self Check-in App with barcode scanning

Attendee at Conference Service Desk

Onsite Service Desk Portal

The Onsite Service Desk Portal provides a powerful set of tools to check attendees into an event. This portal is for staffed check-in desks and includes the ability to edit attendee details, take a photograph for inclusion on a name badge, collect payments and print name badges on demand.

Reduce wait times with Express Check-In functionality

Receive real time statistics of check-in and badge printing numbers

Instantly scale up or down check-in stations with web-based portal technology

View all attendee details and process payments

The Onsite Portal provides your registration team with a powerful check-in solution designed for efficiency and accuracy of your onsite check-in process.

Access Control

The EventsAIR Access Control App lets you manage access to specific events or functions. It can run without connection to the Internet so it can even be used for offsite activities. Used with a scanning device, it lets you scan bar codes or QR codes quickly for large numbers of attendees to access an event quickly.

A simple Green/Red alert lets you know if the attendee is allowed into the event or not. You can control attendance either by allowing only attendees signed up for a specific event to check-in, or you can choose categories of attendees to check-in.

Easily manage access at offsite events, even without an Internet connection

Process large numbers of attendees in a very short time frame

Control access either by function sign up or by registration category

Displays attendee photo as an additional security measure

Scale up or down as needed using standard tablets or smart devices

With the Access Control App, you are able to provide functional access control for offsite events, functions or any other activity where you need to make sure that access is granted appropriately and efficiently.

Access Control Scanning at a conference

On-demand Name Badge Printing

On-Demand Badge Printing

On-Demand Badge Printing is an important part of today’s events and meetings. Using readily available hardware and technology, you are able to design functional and attractive name badges that can include bar codes, photographs and even specialized information such as table seating assignments, session details and personal itineraries.

Reduce your production and shipping costs while increasing accuracy

Decrease wait times with rapid badge printing and delivery

Prevent attendees with outstanding fees from collecting badges

Increase security and networking with photos on badges

On-Demand Badge Printing is easy to deploy and saves you significant time and costs by avoiding pre-production and shipment of badges prepared in advance.