Specialized Tools


Managing groups is an exercise in details and EventsAIR offers you and your team a variety of dedicated Group Registration tools to make this job easier. You can utilize powerful tools including a Group Registration Portal, Group Housing Portal and other dedicated Group Registration tools.

These tools help automate the process for you and your group leaders or group coordinators to register, import group details, generate invoices, accept group payments, offer group discounts, manage communications and run group reports.

Use the Group Registration Portal to manage group registration details

Group leaders can use the Group Accommodation Portal to import groups and manage their room bookings

The Group Registration Site is used to provide group leaders or coordinators with an automated process for entering multiple registrations and managing payments in a single invoice

Access numerous reports to assist you in keeping track of your group contacts and group registration details

Groups are a critical part of many events and meetings and with EventsAIR you are able to manage the numerous details with ease.

Event Organizer App

Real Time Alerts


Complex speaker programs are easier to manage with tools specifically designed for abstract submission, the review process and development of the speaker program.

Submit abstracts online using a dedicated Presentation Portal

Review and grade abstract through the streamlined Reviewer Portal, including individual, panel and blind reviews

Assign reviewers based on presentation type, theme, key words and session

Apply multiple types of scores for comprehensive review and analysis

Allocate presentations to sessions with user-friendly workflows and drag and drop technology

Generate detailed reports and abstract documents

Manage speaker checklist items, AV requirements and final presentation details

Communicate with speakers, reviewers, committees, panel members and chairpersons

Speaker programs, abstract submission and the review process often take many months to organize and manage. Using EventsAIR, you are able to handle these tasks efficiently and professionally.


The Exhibition management tool provides you with a one-stop resource for the sale and delivery of exhibition booths and/or stand space at events. As booths are sold, the information is tracked, including booth size, payment information, logo requirements and forms.

Exhibitors have an online portal where they can easily update their information, view the floorplan, select their preferred stand, add product brochures, post their company logo and provide descriptions. The information they supply can be published on the event website and in the Mobile Attendee App.

Using the comprehensive and powerful Lead Management tool, exhibitors can scan/capture stand visitors’ details with their own smart phone or tablet, collect profile data based on their own custom questions and automatically send out thank you emails as soon as the visitor leaves their stand. All data is accessible in real time from the exhibitor’s smart device or Exhibitor Portal.

 You are able to define as many stand types and additional charges as you require

 Exhibitors can update stand information, provide deliverables and manage invoices from a self- service portal

 The interactive floor plan lets you and your exhibitors see what is booked and what is available

 All exhibitor details, including product brochures, can be automatically updated to the Event Website and Mobile Attendee app for up-to-date and accurate information

 Deploy a comprehensive lead management program for collection of attendee details of visitors to exhibitors’ stands

Manage one-to-one meetings and appointment schedules

Exhibition management has many moving parts and the tools in EventsAIR help you to be more efficient in your job and more organized.

Conference Project Management Tool

Event Run Sheet


You can manage the sponsors for your event and the sales cycle for those sponsors using the Sponsorship management tool. It manages payment schedules and payments, along with default inclusions and additional items that sponsors might want to purchase such as event registration, accommodation, optional functions and activities.

A powerful sponsor portal can be deployed to automate sponsor registrations, purchases and deliverables

Sponsors are able to purchase sponsorships and optional items online, and a checklist aids in management of their deliverables

You are able to define an unlimited number of sponsorship categories, included items and optional add-ons

All sponsor details, including product brochures can be automatically updated to the Event Website and Mobile Attendee app for up-to-date and accurate information

Managing the needs of your sponsors takes a focused and organized effort, and using EventsAIR, you are able to handle these tasks efficiently.


Continuing Education

Continuing Education programs are ongoing and require unique tools and technology to allow you to manage the numerous details regarding venues, instructors, ongoing communications, credits, certificates and more.

EventsAIR helps you streamline the management of any CE program. It offers a powerful registration portal for students to access and a dedicated instructor portal to manage their class lists, grades and more.

You are able to manage your entire CE program with budget tools, credit management, instructor coordination, communications, surveys and detailed reports.

Create an unlimited catalogue of courses

Assign credits or hours through the CE Instructor Portal

Students are able to register for courses and track their attendance and grades through the CE Portal

Whether you are managing 10, 50 or 500 courses, the CE module in EventsAIR lets you manage students, instructors and the logistics of your CE program with ease.

Comprehensive Event Reports

Multi-tasking Event Managers

Association Membership

Most associations also organize meetings, and the ability to share a central database of membership through your events is an extremely powerful process. Data updates can flow in both directions, assuring you that your meeting and membership data stays coordinated at all times.

Manage renewals and other membership details

Integrate your membership data with registration invitations

Send out linked invitations that prepopulate your attendees' registration records

Take advantage of powerful communication tools for ongoing communications between events

The integration and coordination of your membership database and your event registrations will save you many steps and hours of effort before, during and after your events.