EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any event


What's the Right Solution for Your Event?


No two events are identical, but each requires that an event manager stay organized, adapt quickly, multitask, keep track, keep in touch and keep moving. Here's how EventsAIR can help.


EventsAIR Solutions for Your Needs

Corporate Events

    Manage multiple internal and customer-facing meetings simultaneously. Ensure consistent, professional events that reflect corporate standards. Brand all communications, from invitations to final reports

Professional Conference Organizer

    Deep functionality to serve any type and size of client with confidence. Customize reports, store data, track budgets and provide clients unique benefits. Flexible pricing plans allow you to scale up or down as business needs to change

Government World Events

    Ensure a smooth, highly secure government or political event. Complete data isolation for greater security. Intuitive, easy-to-use design accommodates new and veteran organizers

Sporting World Events

    A single system that shares information across multiple aspects of the event. Manage accreditation, accommodation, arrivals, depatures, protocol, hospitality and more. A complete enterprise solution

Hospitality Events

    Manage complex logistics seamlessly for VIP guests. Capture quality data for an organized, impressive lead-up and memorable event. Develop special packages and handle waves of VIP guests easily

Incentive Events

    Create and manage complicated incentive trips with multiple activities. Efficiently manage travel, accommodation, dining and activities. Handle add-ons, such as additional nights and activities, with ease

Association Events

    Easily manage the event's technical, scientific and educational aspects. Handle the call for papers and submission of papers, and the review process. New organizers can easily become proficient in using the features

Continuing Education

    A comprehensive solution that scales up or down according to need. Design and manage a one-hour CE program to a multiple-day event. Track credits or points, manage course instructions, budget and communicate with ease