Scalabilty and Security

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Designed from the ground up for high security utilizing the state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure Cloud architecture, EventsAIR is the most modern event management system in the world. Microsoft manages the entire state-of-the-art infrastructure, and offers the industry’s highest levels of redundancy. You have peace of mind knowing a global corporation is monitoring your cloud environment 24x7.

99.95% Uptime Service Level Agreement guarantee (SLA)

Data is constantly backed up every 60 seconds

Data is stored in a PCI compliant environment with multiple levels of redundancy

Cloud infrastructure automatically scales on load demand

 Content Delivery Network (CDN) dramatically improves performance

The cutting-edge technology of Microsoft Azure gives you confidence in your ability to deliver superior meeting management services at every step of your meeting schedule.

Azure Cloud

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Environment

As an EventsAIR client, you will have a dedicated environment that is never shared across multiple clients. Only members of your event management team that you assign access have the ability to view your data. You have your own dedicated cloud environment and your entire system has several levels of isolation that provide you with a very high level of security.

Assign access rights on a per user and per event basis

Your clients are assured of their data security and privacy

Data servers are located in more than 17 locations globally

Your event technology is on the cutting edge of data security and privacy with the Azure Cloud and EventsAIR.

PCI Compliance

EventsAIR is PCI compliant to the highest level possible. To achieve this, each year we undergo a series of rigorous audits and tests - including full penetration tests - performed by certified independent third parties.

Our entire technology is designed to ensure that all credit card and personal data is protected through every step of the registration and management process

Credit card and personal data is rigorously protected to the highest standards

We are audited annually to assure you of the highest levels of protection

You can be assured that our commitment to your data security and protection is absolute and that we continue to lead the industry in this critical aspect of meeting management.

PCI Compliance

Reactive and Proactive Scalability

Reactive and Proactive Scalability

To minimize costs during quiet times and maximize performance during busy times, EventsAIR uses proactive and reactive resource scaling where it will automatically scale your resources up when needed. You can literally be scaled up to manage tens of thousands of participants during your event if needed.

Reactive scaling is perfect for the peaks and valleys of your daily registration and management operations

Proactive scaling gives you the flexibility to plan ahead for your busy periods of activity

Having a system that reactively and proactively scales up and down helps ensure that the demands of your meeting management processes are met every step of the way.