Rich Data Capture with EventsAIR


  • Collect all of the data you need easily
  • Ask unlimited questions to more fully understand your attendees
  • Store notes, preferences, photos and feedback
  • Create a more personalized experience for attendees and VIPs
  • Agile backend to help you support and manage the data
  • Tailor marketing campaigns to specific audiences

The more you know about your attendees, the more you can serve them, personalize their experience and target your marketing efforts. EventsAIR® offers a robust capability to do this. Our Rich Data Capture feature allows you to increase the quantity and quality of the data you collect, and then manage it.

The feature starts with the ability to ask an unlimited number of questions during the registration process. You can also store notes, including phone conversations, preferences and feedback. Once you have collected the data, our backend will help you to utilize it with ease. You can use it to personalize the event, analyze who is there, how many, what type of attendee they are, where they are from and more. You can also generate reports, marketing efforts and communications.

The better your information, the better your event ─ and business. EventsAIR will help you capture the best.