Productivity with EventsAIR


  • Easy-to-use Dashboard provides information at your fingertips
  • Customizable Reporting feature to tailor reports as needed
  • Communications Planner to send, receive, schedule and plan communications
  • Alerts tool to notify you of necessary tasks, specific events, VIP arrivals, registrations, inventory levels and more
  • Express Actions tool to make instant bulk changes and communications
  • Intuitive navigation system that facilitates multitasking within a single event or across multiple events

We designed EventsAIR® as the ultimate tool kit for event management. We also designed it to help reduce your workload and labor costs. You and your staff can be more productive more easily, even as the event begins and the demands on your time increase.

The customizable Dashboard serves as your home base. Here, you can monitor all facets of your event. You can have multiple Dashboards, to stay up-to-speed on numerous events. You will also find tools to report, communicate, receive alerts and make bulk changes instantly. Need to communicate something quickly to attendees, such as a speaker change, dining information or a schedule change for an activity? You can do that instantly.

EventsAIR will help you stay productive ─ and sane. It was designed by event industry professionals and technology experts. It's user friendly, robust and ready to serve with all of the tools you need, including some you didn't realize you needed.