Mobile Organizer App Installation Instructions


About this Mobile Organizer App

Your Mobile Organizer App is designed to give you access to a variety of event management information, such as attendee details, agendas, alerts, notifications, messaging, event check-in, function check-in, and session check-in and check-out. Additional custom information can also be added based on your management requirements.

The actual contents of your Mobile Organizer App are dependent on what your event management has designed for it. If you have any questions about the functionality and content of this Event App, please contact your event organizer for assistance.

Installing the Organizer App

Once you select the EventsAIR Organizer App and install it on your device, you will need to enter the Organizer App Code for your specific event. This Organizer App Code is provided to you from your event organizer and gives you exclusive access to your Organizer App for one specific event.

Once you have entered this code on your first use, you will then need to enter your EventsAIR user name and password. 

Event App Support

Support for your Mobile Organizer App is provided by your event organizer. Please contact them for questions on installation and operation of your Mobile Organizer App.

Accessing More than One Event

If you are accessing a Mobile Organizer App for more than one event, please log out of your current Mobile Organizer App. Then, when you re-open the EventsAIR Mobile Organizer App, you will be prompted to enter the Organizer App Code for your current event. You are able to access any number of events entering in the new Organizer App Code as provided to you by your event organizer.