EventsAIR is a perfect fit for any membership based association or not-for-profit organization


Provide Membership Services with EventsAIR


Many users of EventsAIR manage meetings and events for associations and non-profit groups. These types of organizations are membership-based and will typically market to their membership base, which can include paid members, past members and other membership categories.

With the Membership Module in EventsAIR, planners can now provide ongoing membership management services to their clients, in addition to planning their events and meetings.

With the Membership Module, planners can offer their clients these services:

  • Management of member contact data
  • Annual dues collections on a set annual date or on a member’s anniversary date
  • Offer payment schedules, cancelation schedules and unique member discount codes
  • Publish member communications and member surveys
  • Invitations to events or meetings with history of attendance tracking
  • Function and education management
  • Self-service member portal for dues payments, renewals, class sign-up and contact data updates
  • CE Course technology to provide class and event registration with payment collection, class/event calendar and member history tracking
  • Access to library of downloadable forms and documents as well as Merchandise sales
  • Intelligent logic to differentiate between paid members, unpaid members and non-members

The Membership Module is extremely powerful and flexible and can handle many scenarios. It is ideal for meeting planners or PCOs to offer membership management services to small or medium organizations. In many cases, providing member management services would be an extension of managing events and meetings for existing association and non-profit clients.