Mobile Apps with EventsAIR


  • EventsAIR® offers two mobile apps; one for attendees, one for organizers
  • Easy-to-use design lets you build the apps in minutes
  • Attendees can:
    • view the agenda and build their own
    • search for attendees
    • send and receive messages
    • receive alerts and news articles
    • view live streaming sessions
    • scan QR codes and more
  • Organizers can:
    • download a streamlined version of EventsAIR to manage on the go
    • access a full suite of reports
    • interact with staff
    • monitor and update run sheets
    • check attendees into the event and sessions
    • receive alerts
    • communicate with attendees
    • announce schedule changes
    • publish news items
    • receive information in real time and more

Events are an on-the-go experience ─ and EventsAIR is geared to keep everyone going with ease. Our system offers two mobile apps, which are industry game-changers. Both apps take just minutes to create and implement.

The Mobile Attendee App allows attendees to get any information they need, and they can even interact with other attendees. It offers a wonderful way for you to provide information and personalize your event.

The Mobile Organizer App provides organizers the EventsAIR tools they use the most during the actual event. It's a streamlined version of EventsAIR. You will still have access to everything you need ─ from reports and run sheets to real-time data ─ and it provides the ability to communicate instantly with staff or attendees.

The EventsAIR mobile apps let attendees and organizers stay on top and stay in touch.