Maximize Productivity

Native Mobile Organizer App

Designed to empower your onsite team, the innovative Mobile Organizer App gives you a streamlined version of EventsAIR that can be viewed from any mobile device.  Available as a native Android and Apple App (as well as HTML5) the Organizer App has been specifically designed to give you rapid access to the key tools you need onsite during your event.

Keep your onsite team connected and informed at all times with access to real time reports, attendee data, agendas, and real time run sheets. Perform session and function check-in, manage communications, social networking and keep your entire team organized at every step of your event.

This powerful tool even allows organizers to access data and peform functions even when there is no Internet connectivity with the first-of-its-kind local storage functionality.

Access real time reports

View attendee and agenda details

Stay on top of assigned tasks with the run sheet function

Stay informed with alerts, news updates and messages

View event alerts in real time to keep track of changing inventories

The Mobile Organizer App is your command center for making sure you and your team are in constant communication and staying on top of the many duties and tasks that have to happen at your event.

Event Organizer App

Real Time Alerts

Real Time Alerts

Stay ahead of the curve with proactive data updates and alerts as they occur. Receive notifications when inventory drops to a predefined level or if a waiting list starts. Define your own specialized alerts to notify you of special events, such as when a VIP arrives or checks-in onsite. Other alerts let you receive notifications about project start and end dates, room release reminders as well as other inventory based alerts.

Define any number of alerts based on your criteria

Receive email or text message notifications based on alert level

See event alerts in real time in the Mobile Organizer App

 Automatically send email alerts to your team members for assigned projects and tasks

Real time alerts are your best defense against surprises and last minute challenges. The proactive design of the alert technology helps assure that you are always ahead of the curve, no matter what is happening at your event.

Project Management

Designed to serve as your virtual assistant, the Project Management tool will help you map out your master plan. It lists tasks, dates, deadlines and keeps track of how the event is progressing. Team Members and Project Leaders can be alerted via email as well when project tasks are scheduled to begin or approaching an end date.

Create an unlimited number of projects and tasks

Assign team members as you require

Team members receive email alerts when tasks start and end dates approach

Export project data as you require to share with vendors or other assigned parties

Stay on top of your busy schedule and keep your entire team in sync with the powerful Project Management tool.

Conference Project Management Tool

Event Run Sheet

Real Time Run Sheets

Keep your event team working at top productivity with EventsAIR’s run sheet tools. The Run Sheet hosts all of the micro tasks needed for all onsite aspects of your event. It lists the tasks assigned to team members and shows exactly what tasks need to be done, when, where and by whom. As your team members complete tasks, they check them off and the Run Sheet updates instantly.

Assign specific tasks to team members throughout your entire event schedule

Link run sheet tasks to specific agenda items

Assignments are updated instantly through real time connectivity

Individual team members can see a filtered view of only their assigned tasks

Keep connected and stay in touch at all times with the real time functionality of the Run Sheet tool.


Comprehensive Reports

Leverage powerful report technology that lets you filter data and generate reports about every aspect of your meetings and events. There are over 150 standard reports that can be easily customized, generated and exported in many different formats.

Reports can be web-published and shared with any authorized party and reports can be accessed via the Mobile Organizer App and the Client Info Portal.

Filter and customize reports for specific data analysis

Access comprehensive statistical reports of rich snapshots of event activity

Distribute web published reports to stakeholders that can be accessed from any location and are always up-to-date

Design, access and distribute real time reports in many export and print formats and keep your team, vendors and clients informed every step of the way.

Comprehensive Event Reports

Multi-tasking Event Managers

Multi-tasking Made Easy

Successful event planners are always managing multiple tasks. Whether it is reporting, sending communications, updating budgets, dealing with attendee changes or exporting data, being able to do many tasks simultaneously is critical. EventsAIR has been designed from the ground up to support busy, well-organized meeting planners complete the hundreds of daily tasks required to keep events on track.

You are able to work cooperatively with your team members by sharing comments and Pinned Records. This powerful functionality brings management productivity and efficiency to an entirely new level!

Reports and mass communications are created as background tasks, freeing you to continue working

Multiple attendees' records can be open at the same time

Multiple events can be open at the same time

Seamlessly move between tasks across multiple events and when you return, you are exactly where you were when you left

Saving data is a background task, allowing you to instantly continue working

The multi-tasking features built into EventsAIR will save you hundreds of hours during the life of your event and allow you to accomplish much more in the precious time just before an event.