Key Components to Manage your Attendees

EventsAIR® consists of a variety of key components to assist in managing your attendees. Each offers features designed to benefit event organizers, attendees and/or host organizations. Click on an element to discover its highlights.


Create an unlimited number of registration types and the fees associated with each. Capture spouse or partner information, produce name badges (which can include photos and QR codes), and include the specific registration types on various online forms.

You can also manage all of the optional activities that attendees can choose to participate in. These can include dinners, tours, social activities, golf outings and spa treatments. The system has no limits on what it can manage, and can handle waiting lists, table allocation, seating plans, dietary requirements, invitations and more.
If your events have housing and accommodation requirements, you can manage hotel and room booking requirements for attendees across multiple hotels. Add your hotel inventory to keep track of how many rooms are left, and generate useful reports to see attendee arrivals and departures. A portal allows the hotel to log in and access the booking information. You can also enable the secure credit card vault to store an attendee's credit card information until the hotel is ready to access it and charge the card. (EventsAIR securely stores credit card information, but does not charge cards.)
Manage a variety of travel aspects, including tracking in-bound and out-bound flights, handling airport transfers and providing detailed itineraries with multiple flights. Fully independent travellers (FIT) and group travel is easily catered for including seat blocks with airlines.
Manage all of the continuing education (CE) courses for associations, colleges, universities and other organizations that require CE, and track the credits or points awarded for each. You can classify the courses in different ways, including subject, category, instructor, location or fee type. There is also a portal for students and instructors to find information they need.
Capture all information pertaining to the speakers at a conference. This can include details about the presentation, the room, the time, audio-visual requirements and special requests. If you have a checklist of things you need the speakers to supply, such as a bio or high-resolution photo, the system will manage that too.

This tool also manages the paper review process and includes the ability to set up a sophisticated review process according to keywords, themes, presentation types and sessions. You can also include panel reviewing and blind reviewing, and create a portal for reviewers to log in and perform their tasks. The tool facilitates easy allocation into sessions and rooms, and it manages the entire delivery of presentations. You can also correspond with speakers, reviewers and presenters.
Manage the sale and delivery of exhibition booths at events, and track inventory. As each booth gets sold, the information is tracked, including booth size, payment information, logo requirements and forms. Exhibitors can access an online portal to update their information, add product brochures, post the company logo and provide descriptions. The information they supply appears on the event's website and in the Attendee Mobile App.

Track the sponsors for your event and the sales cycle for those sponsors. Manage everything included in their sponsorship package and keep track of what you need to do for them. Handle payment schedules and payments, along with additional items the sponsors might want to purchase, such as event registration fees, accommodations and optional functions.

Powerful Tools to Manage your Event

EventsAIR also consists of a variety of components to streamline the management of your event. Elements all come together to give you a highly productive environment.


Build a detailed Agenda with general sessions, break-out sessions, functions, activities and general information. Once you finish creating the Agenda, you can publish it in numerous places, including the event's website, merge documents and the Attendee Mobile App. When you make changes to the Agenda, they update instantly in the published locations.
Generate a variety of reports according to your selected filters. EventsAIR includes a number of standard reports that can be customized to your event by adding or removing fields, including a logo or adding other branding elements. You can publish all reports online, and you can make the reports available on the Mobile Apps. The Reporting tool also allows you to easily select and export data into an Excel spreadsheet, and you can replicate all data into a read-only SQL Server database.
Communicate with everyone involved in the event - attendees, exhibitors, speakers, vendors and personnel - through a sophisticated and robust communication platform. The EventsAIR tools allow you to send targeted communications before, during and after the event. One of these is Merge Documents, which can merge any documentation into an attractive, personalized document for anyone in the database. Another communication feature allows you to target a specific group of attendees to receive a personalized document, email or text message. This can be helpful during the lead-up to the event, during it, or afterwards to thank attendees and collect feedback. Another useful feature is the Survey tool, which allows you to easily customize and deploy unlimited surveys with an unlimited number of questions.

The Communications tool also allows you to schedule communications for selected groups at specific times. For example, you can welcome attendees on their first day, or set up a payment reminder for exhibitors who have not sent in their final payment by a certain time. In addition to sending information, the tool keeps a complete log of everything communicated.
Stay up-to-date in real-time through two types of Alerts. EventsAIR generates the first type automatically when key information needs to be made available to the organizer, such as issues relating to inventory. For example, when accommodations run low, tickets get sold out or a wait list starts, you will receive an Alert. You can enable the second type of Alert according to pre-planned communications that you wish to receive. For example, you can program EventsAIR to alert you when a speaker or VIP registers on the site. Alerts are designed to keep you up-to-date in real time.
Manage all facets of your event's financials through our powerful Accounting platform. This tool includes a Budget feature, which allows you to create and store multiple budgets and revisions. As part of this, you can calculate different scenarios, such as how changing the number of attendees or registration fees could impact profits. You can also monitor and compare the actual financials to the established budget in real time and generate reports.

The Accounting system also manages payments, including tracking how payments were made (cash, credit card, check or wire transfer), applying payments properly (e.g., whether a check was intended to pay for the hotel or an optional dinner) and handling payments for extended stays and partner buy-ins on incentive trips. The tool handles multiple currencies, tracks supplier expenses, and generates profit and loss data, which can be exported to your accounting system.

Finally, the EventsAIR Accounting tool offers a complete audit trail of all financial transactions that will satisfy any post-event audit requirements.
Map out your master plan with this powerful "project manager". Completely integrated throughout EventsAIR, the tool lists tasks, dates, deadlines and keeps track of how the event is progressing.

Manage all of the micro tasks needed to successfully deliver your event using our comprehensive Run Sheet tool. The tool lists the tasks allocated to team members, and shows exactly what needs to be done, where and when. As tasks get completed, they get checked off and the Run Sheet updates instantly. The Run Sheet appears in your Mobile App (which you can access on any computer or mobile device), so you can monitor exactly what has or hasn't been done in real time.
Increase productivity and convenience through a sophisticated variety of Online tools. One of these is the Online Registration tool, which captures rich data including contact information, accommodations, payments, registration types, marketing data, and uses real-time inventory data. The Online Registration is supported by all current browsers and optimized for all desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for attendees to register. It features Form Logic, which automatically bypasses collecting specific information according to the parameters you set up. For example, if an attendee registers for the first day only, the form will skip questions regarding activities on subsequent days. The Online Registration form is easy to set up, and you can host the form on one our predefined URLs or use your own URL. The form allows you to collect unlimited information and add notes, and you can customize it according to an organization's brand.

Another Online tool is our secure Credit Card Gateway Connection, which connects the Online Registration form to a number of popular credit card gateways, including PayPal. Attendees then select their preferred credit card for payment. For your protection and peace of mind, when a credit card is processed, the funds go directly into your bank account. EventsAIR simply serves as a connection.

Two extremely useful tools within the Online platform are the Mobile Attendee App and the Mobile Organizer App. The Mobile Attendee App allows you to communicate directly with all attendees or selected attendees. You can build this app in less than five minutes, and some functions do not require the internet, so attendees aren't subject to slow connection speeds. When attendees load the app, they receive all of the information they need, such as their daily schedules and session data. They can also search for attendees and message one another. You can even load in local information for them, such as restaurants and points of interest.

The Mobile Organizers App demonstrates our commitment to event organizers. This powerful app puts EventsAIR onto any mobile device, so you can manage the event onsite wherever you go. It streamlines EventsAIR down to the features you need most during the event, and eliminates everything else. You can get access to the agenda, perform session and function check-ins, monitor your Twitter feed, view live streaming sessions, search for attendees, send out alerts, communicate with your staff, access Run Sheets, run reports and more.
Use a number of tools to rapidly interact with attendees, from one person to thousands. You can import data, export data and make changes to select groups of data. For example, you can quickly assign dinner seating for a group or reschedule a golf outing if it's raining. Express Actions offers a remarkable way to save time by making a large number of changes in a matter of seconds.
Create an event website that serves as a powerful content management system (CMS). This EventsAIR tool was designed using a "mobile first" philosophy, to ensure all of the pages work efficiently and look attractive on all mobile devices. The CMS comes with a number of eye-catching templates that allow you to easily add information, images and branding. It automatically provides all of the functionality for Google Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO). You can create unlimited pages within the system, and it completely integrates with EventsAIR, including the agenda, speakers, sessions and more.