High Security and Performance with EventsAIR


  • Built from the ground up for modern data center architecture
  • Three levels of data isolation, including the ability to have a dedicated database
  • True database isolation and high security at any level; not a "shared communal pool" of data
  • Fully PCI Compliant Level 1 - the highest, most stringent level to protect credit card information
  • All attendee and event data also protected by PCI Level 1
  • Deeply integrated into Microsoft Azure's secure cloud environment
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) integrated into Microsoft Azure's global network
  • Uptime SLA 99.99%
  • Immediate scalability; we can add servers quickly to support increased loads

Your data is your livelihood. Protecting it is ours. To ensure the highest level of security, we designed EventsAIR from the ground up for modern data center architecture. EventsAIR keeps your data as secure as a data center. We are also PCI Compliant to the highest level possible, which means you can rest easy knowing that attendee credit card information is fully protected.

EventsAIR features several tiers of data isolation to suit your needs and budget. We can even offer complete data isolation right down to a data center. No matter what level you choose, you will receive true database isolation. Our cloud is not a "shared communal pool" of data. We are closely integrated into Microsoft Azure's cloud and leverage their superlative security.

In addition to high security, we designed EventsAIR for superior performance. Our uptime SLA is 99.99%. We integrated our Content Delivery Network into Azure, so your content resides at the edge of the Microsoft network around the world. Wherever you or your attendees go, you can access content quickly because it's local. We can also scale up quickly to handle spikes in load. Throughout the life cycle of your event, we can adjust the number of servers to boost performance.