Flexible Deployment with EventsAIR


  • Move your data from the cloud to a local server to maintain fast, reliable access at your event
  • Use any local server, including a dedicated laptop
  • Avoid slow Internet connections or disconnections that occur when bandwidth gets taxed by increased usage
  • Automatically sync with the cloud to receive updates on registrations, inventory levels and other cloud-based data

When an event begins and pressures mount, you need fast and consistent access to your data. A slow Internet connection ─ or an untimely disconnection ─ can create bottlenecks and problems. We understand the challenge, and designed a powerful solution in EventsAIR.

Our Flexible Deployment feature lets you easily move data from the secure cloud to a local presence (including a laptop acting as a server). The local presence prevents the potential burden of a slow Internet connection or disconnection. What's more, moving from the cloud to the local presence does not stop the flow of information. EventsAIR will automatically continue syncing data with the cloud. This means new registrations, inventory levels and other cloud-based data will continue to sync with the local presence in real time.

Dependable and continuous, our Flexible Deployment will keep you informed and constantly updated.