We are Here to Support You

24x7 Global Support and Technical Services

As an EventsAIR user, you will have 24x7 access to our Global Customer Service Team.

Our support specialists are based in North America, Europe and Australia and use a “follow the sun” model to ensure that support is available seamlessly no matter where you are located.

 Dedicated support portal for logging and up-to-the-minute tracking of all support requests

  FAQ Library with 100s of topics

 Email Support

 Telephone Support

Our background is solely focused in event management and our support specialists are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best support available.

24 hour support for PCOs

EventsAIR Live Training for meeting planners

Live Training for Meeting Planners and PCOs

Our product delivery team will provide you with web-based training led by a live instructor, that is specific to you and your organization. Depending on your chosen option, there will be 8 to 16 hours of training organized in two-hour segments. This training is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your needs.

 Flexible scheduling options

 Combined training options can include both live and web-based training

 Extensive support documentation provided

To supplement the web-based training, EventsAIR also provides training notes, help tools, a library of videos, online support and a "Getting Started Guide".

If required, we can provide onsite training as an option.

EventsAIR Academy

The EventsAIR Academy is a web-based, self-paced set of 23 classes, covering the basics of using EventsAIR. Classes are 10 to 15 minutes in length, and include detailed worksheets and instructions for creating and managing an example event.

All students of EventsAIR Academy are assigned an Academy Coach, who is available by email or phone to answer questions relating to EventsAIR Academy courses. At the end of the Academy, all students receive a certificate of completion and a 1-hour wrap-up consultation with their Academy Coach.

 Self-paced format for all skill levels

 Classes include instructional videos and exercises

 All content provided to build a real-world practice event

Displays attendee photo as an additional security measure

 Available for access whenever needed

EventsAIR Academy is also ideal for new users that join your organization in the future, to bring them up to speed on the basics, if they have never before used EventsAIR.

EventsAIR self-paced training

Educational events for EventsAIR customers

EventsAIR Innovation Lab and Education Events

The entire team at Centium Software works hard to make sure EventsAIR represents the latest technology and advancements our industry has to offer. With the revolutionary cloud-based architecture and unique technology partnership with the Microsoft Azure team, we have taken a significant step forward to keeping EventsAIR on the cutting edge of technological advancement.

To this end, we've created the EventsAIR Innovation Lab, a team of developers, technology architects and other industry experts committed to advancing both EventsAIR and the state of events technology in many different, unique and exciting ways.

The EventsAIR Innovation Lab is dedicated to:

 Assessing new functionality requests

 Maintaining industry knowledge and experience and applying these experiences to the EventsAIR platform

 Creating technology partnerships with other companies in the meetings industry

 Testing equipment compatibility and functionality and presenting recommendations on an ongoing basis

 Sharing what's new and what's on the horizon in the events industry with our clients

We hold Innovation Lab events throughout the year, which feature new technology presentations and a reception for our users to network and learn what's on the horizon in EventsAIR technology. Our Innovation Labs events are posted on this website and updated on an ongoing basis.

EventsPro® to EventsAIR Skills Update Course

There are many meeting professionals around the globe who have extensive experience with our former flagship tool, EventsPro®. Thousands of students also completed the EventsPro Rising Star course. For these professionals and students, we offer an EventsPro to EventsAIR Skills Update Course. This course is designed for both existing Rising Star students who were trained on EventsPro and for current/former EventsPro professionals to be trained and gain an advanced certification in EventsAIR.

The EventsPro to EventsAIR Skills Update course is a web-based, one-day course led by one of our certified instructors. This course will enhance and expand the skill set of meeting professionals and provide certification in the cutting-edge technology of EventsAIR. A pre-requisite of this course is completion of an EventsPro Rising Star course or 2 years industry experience with EventsPro.

EventsPro to EventsAIR Update Training