EventsAIR assists you to streamline event check-in


Events 101 - Streamline Registration Check-In


You're ready to OPEN REGISTRATION. Are you ready for the crowds of attendees waiting to check-in? The days of pre-printing thousands of badges ahead of time are long gone. Today, you can leverage the advanced technology such as our SELF CHECK-IN or STAFFED CHECK-IN PORTALS to dramatically decrease waiting times and create efficient check-in experiences.

EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Allow attendees to self check-in at unattended kiosks or experience assisted check-in at the registration desk
  •  Scan QR codes or bar codes printed on confirmation emails
  •  Allow entry of names and emails if attendees forget to bring confirmation emails
  •  Automatically print name badges and optionally hold name badge printing for special situations such as payment due
  •  Add as many kiosks (computers or tablets) as you need without limitation
  •  View real-time reports of check-in numbers


Useful Tip

The registration process is usually the first face-to-face experience your participants have with you. First impressions count and it is important to make sure you provide a smooth and fast experience for participants. This involves the ergonomic design of the registration area, detailed staff training and technology tools such as self-registration to absorb the extra load during peak times.