EventsAIR assists you organize your onsite team


Events 101 - Organize Your Onsite Team


When the event gets under way, your schedule gets compressed and your workload expands. You need STREAMLINED ONSITE PROCESSES. You need information fast and you need the flexibility to make changes on the go.

Using the powerful Mobile Organizer App EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Keep attendee data at your fingertips
  •  Generate powerful reports, table seating lists, special requests and more
  •  Perform session or function check-ins using QR codes
  •  Receive real-time alerts regarding inventory, VIP arrivals, tasks and more
  •  Monitor and update run sheets in real-time
  •  Get the backup you need


Useful Tip

As you flex up your team for onsite activities during your event, you may have volunteers and team members that have not been involved in the lead-up to your event. You need to be well organized, provide them with clear directions and most importantly ensure that they complete allocated tasks. During this busy time onsite, you need to dedicate sufficient time to keeping your vendors updated with the latest participant numbers for catering, activities and accommodation. The onsite team also need to be able to communicate effectively to cope with last minute changes.