EventsAIR assists in creating floorplans


Events 101 - Organize Exhibits and Event Seating


EXHIBITION FLOOR PLANS and TABLE SEATING are critical tasks to perform. You need graphical solutions to create your table seating assignments and your exhibitors need an online method for viewing available booths and making their booth selections.

EventsAIR Lets You:

  •  Import floor plans so you can visualize the proper layout and dimensions of your space
  •  Drag and drop tables and booths in a visual and easy to use interface
  •  Assign booth colors to indicate available, reserved or confirmed status
  •  Publish your exhibition floor plans so your exhibitors can view available booths in real-time
  •  Build your table seating assignments utilizing powerful filters and assign seating exactly as you require
  •  Search, filter and organize your guests to make table assignments intuitive and easy to assign
  •  Export table seating details to Excel and print table assignments on cards and name badges


Useful Tip

Having the ability to strategically assign participant seating in advance of a dinner or luncheon can add great value to an event, particularly for exhibitors and sponsors who want to interact with participants. Selling your exhibition space real-time online can save an enormous amount of time and provides a valuable tool for potential exhibitors. It also creates a sense of urgency to book before a stand is no longer available.